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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to create a new blog

There had been a few askers at the Blogger Help Forum who don't know how to create a blog, with some thinking they have to type in their email address etc. This post is to help clarify matters.

To start a new blog, after signing into (Dashboard), click the NEW BLOG tab. A pop-up will appear requesting you to enter the blog title and the blog address (url):

Blogger: create new blog

The title is not so important and you can type in anything you fancy as this title is not unique and can even be same as other existing blogs. What is important/unique is the blog address which cannot be the same as any existing blogs. You can type in alphanumeric and also a dash - into the field preceding


etc. until you have found an available address. Since had been in existence for a long time, many address would have been taken by other bloggers and you may have to be creative to get an available address (url). Example, add some adjectives like new, good, best, etc.

You will be asked to choose a template. Don't worry, you can choose any template you fancy as you can change the template anytime without affecting the content.


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