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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solution: Text jumbled up in one big paragraph

The default of previous versions of Blogger is for every depression of the ENTER key to result in a line break in the post editor. This is good as it is instinctive to most people. However, in the latest version of Blogger, Google has for its own reasons changed the default where you need to type the HTML line break tag <br> in order to make a line break.

Many who just started with Blogger (and even the seasoned ones in the beginning) will blissfully unaware and compose a post just like using a type writer, ie, to press the ENTER key each time we wants a line break. The unaware after publishing a post find to their horror all the text jumbled up into one large paragraph.

The solution is simple. When you open the post editor to prepare a post, click OPTION in the right sidebar of the post editor. Then tick the option for
(.)Press "Enter" for line breaks
(see screenshot below)
and then things will be as usual. You will not need to repeat as now that becomes the default/

Blogger line break options


  1. Google folks are smart, no doubt! But sometimes one has to question their collective common sense.

    Why not make the default the enter key instead of the user having to type

  2. Do you know offhand if that translates for when importing posts from elsewhere?

    What I mean is.... I use Windows Live Writer. Everything posts fine when I publish from there. If I open a post on site, though, for example to edit it, I have to go through and add line breaks manually to the post or it jumbles it all at that point.

  3. Perhaps you can make a dummy post and in the post editor, tick/choose the option to have line break whenever the ENTER key is depressed. You would only need to do it once. Then only upload whatever post you want using Live Writer


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