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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cannot access Blogger account - what to do

If for whatever reasons you cannot access your Blogger account, go to and click the "Cannot access your account?" link

Cannot access Blogger account recovery link

and you will be presented with 2 choices:
1. Lookup blogspot URL (input the URL of your blog)
2. Lookup email (enter your email address if your blog is not hosted on Blogspot (custom domain) or can't remember blog URL or don't have a blog

Cannot access Blogger account recovery options

The next step will be to check your email address or addresses and follow the instructions there. You will be given a hint, example check account or check as shown in screen shot below:

Cannot access account email address hint

BTW it is good to update your Google account such as giving a handphone number to recover your account in case you don't have other means to recover your account in which case an SMS will be sent to your handphone.


  1. seems to be a lot of troubles for us this past week and till now..

  2. Could be related to this Blogger known issue and just cross our fingers they solve the problem soon.

  3. Thanks for the guide to recover gmail account.

  4. Could anyone please tell me which platform is better for blogging? WordPress or Blogger? domain register

  5. If you are talking about free hosted blogs, I would vouch for anytime. Free hosted is too restrictive. Self-hosted however, is different and may offer more choices

  6. The above are great guidelines.. Couple of days ago i have recovers my 2 year old g mail account with the same process..:)

    PDF to Word Converter

  7. thanks very much

  8. thanks alot this was very helpful. I would love for you to check out my site, im just starting out thought

  9. Anonymous12:57 PM

    great guildlines you have there, yeap. I agree with you to always register our phone number with google, just in case. We could forget our email but we will not forget our phone! :)
    by: EddyYeoh.Com

  10. This happened to me before, it took me a while to recover my password. Make Money Blogging

  11. It happens some time if your id is not a valid one..I had some of the blog saying so..
    register website domain

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the post.

    It will really help to all those guys who don't know the process to recover their password.

    Domain Registration

  13. Hi there!

    Do you know a way to contact a blogspot consultant? I have a big problem with my blog and there is no one that can help me besides them. 2 days before blogspot changed the max number of the blogs that can be inserted in the Bloglist to 166. I have more than 230 blogs in my bloglist and now i cant add new ones.

    I really need help..

  14. David why don't you just start another Blogger account with a different email address?

  15. That is no solution, every blogger account has a 166 blogs limitation. I need to add more blogs. Is there a way to contact a blogspot consultant?

  16. No solution because that is not the solution you want or no solution because starting a new Blogger account you think will not enable you to add more blogs. I suspect after starting a new blog with a new Blogger account you can invite the old Blogger account to be a co-author and then co-administrator if you wish. I am going to test this. I was just going to test this thinking that my Blogger account has already exceeded the old 100 blogs per account but discovered that I can still add more blog. That means your info that every blogger account has a 166 blogs limit is correct. That also means in order to test I have to create more blogs which is going to be tedious for me. Why don't you test what I suggest above and let me know if that works.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Peter,

    I am an Indian blogger. I can access my blog but when I try to open my blog url it changes to I don't know what is the issue. Even when trying to access your blog, I can see that your blog url changes to Is this problem with Indian bloggers only or to all bloggers. Please help out.

  19. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I’m a beginner, thank you for your beginners guide. I definitely need all the information.. I'm from Indonesia

  20. I use google for blogger and a few other apps, but I haven't used gmail in eons. Issue is, I have several ID's on blogger, but only one blog. I've been trying to delete that one blog, but i cannot remember the username or password for the gmail account associated with the blog. Literally, I think I only ever used gmail once or twice YEARS ago and now I cant get access to my own blog to shut it down! Help!

  21. I have had a blog on blogger for 8 years. Issue is, I set it up with a gmail email address that I've never used since then. Now, I have several ID's on blogger that for whatever reason are not connected to my actual blog. I want to delete that one old blog, but I cannot seem to figure out which email address is actually associated with the blog, which means I cant sign in. I truly only used the gmail to set it up, a LONG time ago and have no idea what that address is? Any thoughts on finding out how I contact blogger?


  22. Riain, to delete you will need to access your Blogger account. Alternatively you need some way to convince that that account is yours. A bit busy now, will write a post to address your problem when free. If you don't see something in a short few days time, leave a comment here again or contact me via my contact form


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