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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fixed width versus fluid width templates

The very first task after settling on a URL of a blogger would be to select a template. Initially you can select any as they can be easily changed. However, eventually you will have to select the final template for the blog and that can either be a fixed width layout or a fluid (liquid) width layout.

Definition: Fixed layouts are layouts that start with a specific width for the main column and sidebars, determined by the template designer. They remain that width, regardless of the size of the browser window viewing the page. Fixed width layouts allow a designer more direct control over how the page will look in most situations. They are often preferred by designers with a print background, as they allow the designer to make minute adjustments to the layout and have them remain consistent across browsers and computers. (Fixed width layout)

Definition: Liquid layout are layouts that are based on percentages of the current browser window's size. They flex with the size of the window, even if the current viewer changes their browser size as they're viewing the site. Liquid width layouts allow a very efficient use of the space provided by any given Web browser window or screen resolution. They are often preferred by designers who have a lot of information to get across in as little space as possible, as they remain consistent in size and relative page weights regardless of who is viewing the page. (Liquid Layout)

The reason why some bloggers may opt for the fluid width template is that they want to fully utilize the whole width of a computer screen of a visitor so there will be no "wasted' blank space anywhere as the content of the blog will stretch or shrink according the the width of the computer screen. This however bring the disadvantage of not being in full control over how a visitor view the blog and may result in some unintended results such as when you add a wide photo which may look very awkward on a small narrow screen.

I very much prefer fixed width template as I will then know what are the limits of what I can put in the content with fixed widths.


  1. -How do you make these links under your headline; Like "Ads by google", "Photo editing" and so on?

    - And do you know how to get that link; "Click to see more" When you just can see one photo and then when you click at the link you can see more?

    - And how can I give my post title a colour bagground?

    Thanks :-)

  2. "How do you make these links under your headline; Like "Ads by google","

    Refer to Extra add a gadget (page element) or Additional add a page element in LAYOUT and use a HTML/Javsscript gadget.

    "..."Photo editing" and so on?"

    Refer to simple horizontal text navigation bar

    "When you just can see one photo and then when you click at the link you can see more?"

    Refer to how to make clickable picture

    "And how can I give my post title a colour bagground?"

    Will check that later.

  3. I need help. I would like to publish my blog entries to facebook. I've tried so many different ways but they all came up with the same answer. This is what I got.

    "Import Failed

    We couldn't find a feed using the URL you provided."

    Help please. Thank you.

  4. I don't use Facebook much but because of your comment, went to have a look and found that one will have to go to
    1. Application
    2. Notes
    3. Notes Settings

    I managed to do 1 and 2 but then cannot find 3. Notes Settings

    Tell me the steps that you have attempted to import your blog

  5. The notes settings is right under the "write a new note" tab.

    I tried using NetworkedBlogs which is an application in facebook that allows you to import your blog posts. The application asks for my blog address and they would automatically find for the feed but it turns out that my blog feed couldn't be found. Is my blog page having problem?

  6. No feed? I think what you should do is to sign into Dashboard, click Settings then Feed and of the 3 choices -

    Make sure it is not set to None.

    About Facebook. Under the NEW NOTE Tab, I don't see any Notes Settings. I was using Google Chrome. Thinking it might be the browser, I switch to Firefox, still no Note Settings can be found. Any more pointers?

  7. You need to have at least posted one note. Then the notes settings will appear right under the "write a new note" tab.

    I did change my feed settings from "none" to "full". But it doesn't seem to work either.

  8. Hey! Great info! Question:
    I have used a template from "Cutest Blog On The Block." Now, their logo is popping up right over the first few words of every new post.. Ugh! I have tried to remove it with no luck.. Any advice?

  9. Yes - change template or the harder way, try to find what is causing the pop-ups

  10. Thanks.I am waiting for your next

  11. I generally prefer to use Fixed-width Layout because it allows direct control over how the page will look in most situations.

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  12. I think fluid template better for SEO efforts :)

  13. I agree with Increase Website Traffic

  14. i choose fluid because this article....


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