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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to create composite image of 2 photos side-by-side

I have shown how to display 2 images side by side using the HTML table tag <table> but because a blogger asked to display a particular pair of photos side by side which actually turned out to be a single composite picture of 2 photos side by side, I am going to illustrate how this alternative method do displaying 2 photos side-by-side using my favorite free Irfanview photo editor.

First I am going to upload 2 photos of some trishaws (pedicab, bikecab, cyclo, becak, or rickshaw or in my country, becha) taken during my holidays in idyllic Terengganu displayed below using HTML table tag

Say, supposed you are HTMLphbic, meaning you hate HTML, here is how to make a single composite image of 2 photos side-by-side. First, open Irfanview or similar photo editors. I then go to Menu > Create New (Empty) Image (see screen shot below) and create an empty image, say, 800x500. Using the mouse, drag and drop to select a rectangle roughly proportional to the size of the photo (see screen shot below, red arrow to highlight selected rectangle):

Drag and drop with mouse to create selection with Irfanview
Screen shot 2

Now go to one of the photo, right-click on the photo and select COPY IMAGE to copy into clipboard (see screen shot below):

Screen shot 3

Now go to the first image that you want in the composite picture, either right-click on the image and select COPY IMAGE or go to the Menu, click EDIT > COPY IMAGE to copy image into clipboard. Now go back to the created image with the selected rectangle (screen shot 2), go to MENU > EDIT > PASTE and the first photo will be pasted into the selected triangle just like the screen shot below:

After pasting first photo, creating second rectangle to paste second photo of composite image

Now drag and drop to create the second selection (see screen shot above) and copy-paste the second photo and you will end up with the single composite photo with 2 images side-by-side:

Final composite image comprising 2 photos side-by-side

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sticky post question and answers (plural)

This is a very frequent question and often answered by using editing the post date (newest) so that it always remain at the top. Previously we could postdate it to the future which is no longer possible because Blogger now will schedule the post to be published in the future instead of publishing it with the postdated date. Thus the post can at most post to current date and each time a new post is made at the current date, the date of the "sticky post" have to be edited again so that the new post is further into the past to make the "stick post" remain at the top: How to make post remain at the top of the homepage

Alternative is to add a Text or HTML/Javascript gadget at the top of the main column (posts) and write it like a post. His will have the disadvantage of being at the top of the main column in all pages of the blog, not only in the homepage: How you can easily make a "sticky post"

The third alternative is to try this hack - Chronological post order hack
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