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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spam blogs deletion & Custom Domain. Immune to deletion?

If your blog has been deleted, refer to How to restore blog deleted as splog or TOS violation.

This post was inspired by 2 emails, one regarding the widespread deletion of blogs and one regarding web hosting. I myself have had 3 blogs related of which one probably was because it was a song, music and video blog which had many embedded Youtube videos. From a quick reading of Blogger Buzz A quick note about music blog removals, it was probably because of enforcing its Terms of Service as they relate to their DMCA policy. However, if so, I should have received a notification. Anybody who received such notifications should file a DMCA counter-notification. As that was a minor blog and the other 2 were just blogs for demonstration of some third party templates, I did not bother to appeal or to try to reverse the deletion, which probably will be a very difficult or tedious process.

However, I do have quite a number of more important blogs including Blogger Tips and Tricks which have a not insignificant number of embedded Youtube videos and thus perhaps susceptible to sudden deletion, thus thinking of custom domain blogs.

Why custom domain blogs? These I believe will not be susceptible to deletion as my earlier assumption that blogs using custom domain would be immune to such deletions have proven to be false hope. However, it has come to my notice that some blogs using custom domain and thus hosted by had also been deleted. Further, will be stopping support for those using the old classic Blogger template, publishing via FTP and hosting the blog themselves by March 26 2010 (see Important Note to FTP Users).

This means that if you are very worried about your blog being suddenly deleted, you may have to consider self-hosted blogs with other blogging platform like, etc. I myself may consider starting a self-hosted blog for testing, learning with the possibility of making it long term.

Thus my interest in the second email which was about web hosting by which offered free web hosting as well as an “unlimited” hosting plan at $9.95 per month with unlimited storage, bandwidth and all the bells and whistles I possibly may need. Further, with this coupon code 1003BPM, I can get a dotcom domain for $7.95 (as at time of posting, but may change).

Now the first email from Chris of Blogger Victim who is campaigning to try to persuade to modify their blog deletion policies and methods. Do pop over to their blog if you want to find out more about what is happening and if you want to assist them in their campaign.
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