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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blogger for Dummies sitemap


  1. Hi again! Looks really good and professional as well. A nice touch to your site!

    Take Care,

  2. You have an excellent wealth of information for us novice bloggers to learn from. Thank you!

    I have been searching through your blog for the ability to add captions to pictures, and i have found your information on how to add captions to pictures that are in the center... but i tend to off set mine and use a lot of smaller pictures... i am going to continue to work through what you have shown... but i probably will still need some help... suggestions?

    Thank you in advance... BTW - if you want to have an idea of what i am trying to do here is the link for my blog Samurai's Dojo.

    Thank you again for sharing all of your hard work.

  3. I see you are uploading a lot of small photos that float left or float right. It is real hard to have captions for them. I tried <table> previously but it didn't work out.

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Very Helpful. Thank You

  5. I see you have a sitemap as a blog post. Is that the correct way for a Blogspot blog to show the sitemap? When I tried generating sitemap using free software I still could figure out how upload to a Blogspot blog. With WordPress it's not that difficult. Until now, uploading sitemap on Blogspot blogs still baffles me.

  6. hi,
    do i need to creat sitemap for my blog or not,is it neccesary to create sitemap in blog post http;//

  7. hey man why you added whole sitemap over here .... you want to provide this sitemap to webmaster for crawl .. please reply me !!!! I want to know my blogs are not coming in google search engine fully though I am blogging from last two years ....

  8. You will see a link to this sitemap in the top of the right sidebar and the spider will follow that link to the rest of the posts listed here.

  9. It's really good to see this, I dont expect that.........

  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    It's really good, its so much helpful to us,..

  11. Anonymous10:25 PM

    thanks so much for the helpful blog.

    what i would like to know (ive searched myself blue already..) can you customize your tabs? (for pages)

    i would like to make it an image(jpeg) and increase the height, is that possible at all?

    thanks so much.

  12. If you don't like the tabs created for you by Blogger for your static pages, you will have to make your own like how I did mine for my Blogger Tips and Tricks (see below the blog Header).

    Refer to how to make simple text horizontal navigation bar

    If you want images as links then refer to How to make clickable pictures

  13. Anonymous1:00 AM

    thank you peter i understand all that. but i would like to know then how do i link to my pages(what url do i use)? and how do i take the titles off the current pages.

    thanks so much you help is invaluable.

  14. Go to EDIT POSTS > PAGES the link (URL). Right-click on the link and chose COPY SHORTCUT (or similar) to copy Page URL to clipboard

  15. For Dasurendra, for SEO it is better to have a HTML sitemap. Refer to How to easily create HTML sitemap


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