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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Google Blogger begins monetization

For years I am amazed at the generosity of Google Blogger in offering millions of bloggers this free blogging platform without asking for or expecting anything in return (other than the requirement to display the navbar which is never enforced). You can do many things with Blogger including putting not only Google Adsense ads in your free blog, you can even add competing ads like Yahoo Publisher Network. You can register your own domain and use it for your blog (custom domain) and Blogger will even host it free of charge for you.

Now I think Blogger has begun to experiment with displaying ads as what looks like the first step to monetizing Blogger. Today, after publishing a post, this was what I saw:

Blogger begins monetization

The display of ads seems random and I don't think that happens without fail. I have noticed this before but only chose to write about it today. I am glad Blogger is not forcing us to display their advertisements on our public blogs but choses to display their ads in password protected areas like our Dashboard which only we blog owners can see.

Friday, July 17, 2009

How to set Blogger time zone

Update: Your Blogger time zone can be set via
Dashboard > Settings > Formatting
and at the 5th item is a drop down menu to select your time zone. Ignore the rest of this post.

A blogger complained that the time stamp for his post does not correspond to the time zone of the place he is posting to Blogger. If you want to change the time zone for Blogger which is tied to your Google account, you will have to change the time zone for your Google Account. Here is what you need to do:

Sign into Blogger Dashboard and click on "My Account":

Blogger Dashboard: Account

At the top left section of your Google Account, if you have not yet created your Google Profile, click "edit your personal info":

Edit Google Profile

At the "Edit Personal Information" page, tick [ ] Display all timezones and select your timezone.

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