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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google account deleted, cannot access blog - What to do

A Blogger account is associated with a Google Account. Never delete your Google Account. If you delete your Google Account, your blogs will become inaccessible to you. If you have accidentally deleted your Google Account, go to Google Account Help and fill in the form as soon as possible. Then pray.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Mishka for pointing this out.

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  1. hi is there a way to see how we can allow every one in this world to create new posts in my blog. i tried authors in the permissions tab. but i want something to be available for everyone who can easily come and post new article in my blog. please let me know?

  2. The only way you can do what you want to do is to give Blogger's username and passworld (either your own or another Blogger account who is a co-author) to the whole world. Are you prepared for as drastic an action as that?

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    How do I delete and completely erase my blogger account?

  4. Hi,

    i accidentally deleted my gmail account forgetting that i use the same gmail for all my blogspot.. sigh.. now my blog is all gone, BUT the name is unavailable to use. seems to me that chances are, i can still retrieve my blogspot back. anyone knows how to retrieve the blog? =(

    please help me..

  5. I am not sure what happened to my blog, the url does not work anymore. I can still see everything from the admit side but when trying to go to it pops up as something happened and an error message! :(


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