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Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogger for Dummies is not my main blog. Blogger Tips and Tricks is

I see that there are 35 followers of this blog on Blogger. If you happened to be a follower, perhaps you might be interested to know that while this is my first Blogger related blog, this is not my main Blogger related blog and is not updated often. The main Blogger related blog is Blogger Tips and Tricks of which the URL is

The reason this is not my main blog is because the URL of this blog is" and the original title of this blog is Blogger for Dummies as the intention of this blog is to provide easy to follow and understand information and instructions. I was told a few months after this blog was created that "for Dummies" is trademark of Wiley Publications. I thus changed the title of this blog to Dummies Guide to Blogger but left the URL alone as this blog then already has many inbound links and a good PageRank.

If you are following this blog but not following Blogger Tips and Tricks which is more frequently updated, may I suggest you add Blogger Tips and Tricks to those blogs you are following.

May I suggest you also follow me (Peter Chen @enviroman) at Twitter
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