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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why can't I find my blog in search engines?

That is a frequent question from new bloggers. New bloggers who just started are understandably impatient to find their blogs in search engines. However, search engines take time to index new blogs. The first thing bloggers should do is to check if their blogs had been indexed. This is simply done by typing
site:URL of blog
into the search box and search. For example, to check if this blog is indexed, I would type
and see if it results in anything. If nothing turns up, it means it had not been indexed yet. If it had been index, there would be at the minimum 1 result.

Even after a blog is index, searches for the blog may result in a link at perhaps the 1001th page of the SERP (search engine result page) which obviously would be very hard to find.

So what more can we say except, please be patient.


  1. Any reason why my blog not getting listed even after adding in webmaster

  2. Hi.

    I have a question about "comments". My question is: "How do you put something others than just plain "comments". For example, instead of "12 comments", How do you change it to say; "12 remarks"?

  3. Your site has been soo helpful! Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. thanks heaps :)
    its so helpful

  5. I'm quite new to blogging. I concerned because everytime I give a friend my blogspot website, the most recent post does not pop up as an option in the Google results. That means someone has to get to my blog on a past date, and then doubleclick on the title once they are there to see everything come into view. No other blogs do this but mine. How can I get my blog to pop up in its entirety both on Google and on the site itlsef right away?

  6. Search engines display results according to how they rank web pages and the only way you can try to influence that is to do some SEO (search engine optimization). If you want your contacts to see the home page, give them the blog URL so that they can type it in the address bar and get to your blog home page directly.

  7. Hi!

    What a great blog - very helpful, thank you! :-)

    I have a question about affiliate marketing. I haven't really succeded in finding out wheter it is allowed to have advertisments and affiliate links on blogspot?

    I'm considering moving the entire blog to wordpress, because I keep hearing stories about people who suddently get their page deleted (whitout any warning). Do you know it there is any truth to this?

    I hope you (or any of your readers) might help mee... ;-)

  8. The first thing you need to know is that Blogger is very generous and allows you to put ads even if they are competitor plus it is free. Wordpress has 2 version - free and paid. Wordpress free may be free but you will not be able to put advertisement. For that you will have to go for the paid version.

    It is true that Blogger is out to get rid of spam blogs and sometimes identify some legit ones and spam and may place various ...

    It is bedtime so will end this by saying I have many (lots and lots) blogs and none have been deleted.

    Will explain in greate details after getting a good night sleep. Do post another comment to remind me.

  9. I have a question unrelated to this post and wasnt sure where to post it...

    I am wanting to add heart shaped social icons on my blogspot blog(on the side bar not under each post-as I only want a few like twitter,technorati,rss)
    I found the icons but was wondering if you could direct me in the easiest way to add them so they linked up...I am beyond a dummy

  10. To add icons (images) on the sidebar, just use the <img src="URL of image" />. To make those
    icons (images) a hyperlink
    expand that to <a href="URL of where you want to link to"><img src="URL of image" /></a>

    If you want icons (images) side by side, use the <table> tag

  11. Peter I♥U! THANKS!

  12. This really is good information. I was worried about as to why my blog is not indexed. Thanks Peter.

  13. Thanx for help on finding my link..I've been having all kinds of trouble getting started..Dummie me,lol..

  14. any idea how to put text under the link on Google?

  15. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Hey I'm waiting waiting and waiting but it's not indexed yet and I am not getting inspiration to write more blog for that >>>

  16. HI I have a question- I have made this blog and I can find it to read it, but I can not add new posts to it, as I can not find it on my Dashboard it has disappeared. Could you please email me with and answer to on how to fix this or why this has happened.
    There is an old one on thie dashboard but I am no longer using it. Please Help!!
    Thanks Joanne

  17. hey, thank you for helping new bloggers like me. you are a very good man. :)

  18. this blog is very helpfu...

  19. I really appreciate your helpful blog.. ☺ Thanks... It helped me a lot...

  20. hi. i'm a new blogger. how can i create more page in blogspot? and how can i link each article with my page? plz help me..

  21. We have to be clear now because in the past, it is common to refer to lots of stuff as pages, so when you mention my pages, we need to be clear exactly what you meant by "my pages".

    Is it the new static pages?

  22. I have a blog which I submitted to the search engines on 1st January 2010.

    Using your method I just checked your blog and I got the following result :

    Results 1 - 10 of about 7,210 for (0.20 seconds)

    Does this mean that your blog is on the 7,210th page ?

    I checked my blog and I got the following result :
    Results 1 - 10 of about 351 for

    Does this mean that my blog is on the 351st page in google ?

    How long does it normally take for a new blog to be indexed ?

    Awaiting your response.

    Thanks and regards.


  23. another way to get yourself indexed is to go to
    This will make sure that you are listed! in order to get yourself ranked higher on google...backlink your blog on other blogs relating to the subject you are writing about.

  24. I have been writing blogs for a year now and none of them have been indexed yet. How can I get them indexed?

  25. How do you know? Have you tried search site:blog URL to see if they have been indexed or not as described in Have my blog been indexed and if not, how to get it indexed quickly

    Also refer to get blog indexed by search engines

  26. may i also refer a nice pages on how to create a search engine blog out there? Does Google Love your Blog? or Easy Traffic for little efforts
    Thanks for this sharing

  27. How can I get my coupon blog listed so people can find it in searches?

  28. ok not sure how to ask this but this is what I want. I want people to be able to click something like this and get to my blogspot do you understand what I mean?? I can't work out how to do it. any help would be appreciated!! you can email me at

  29. Mila, you can change to provided no one has already registered, by converting your blog to custom domain.

    But if someone has already registered then tough luck, but if you don't mind, say, or similar you can try this for your custom domain instead.

  30. ahh, thanks, I just registered yesterday.

  31. Thanks for sharing it helped lot to join my site...

  32. Hello Peter!

    I am having trouble with my blogger blog. I had 400 visitors per day traffic a month ago but it is now 20 visitors per day. I don't know why my blog is down in search engine rankings I have written 52 posts on my blog I need your help. Please suggest me tips how to recover it. I checked sitemaps on webmaster tool and there was no error on webmaster tool please help!

  33. Great to know. I've been making lots of changes to my blog to help it rank higher, only to find out that it hasn't even been indexed yet (I just started it a few weeks ago) Thanks for helping me keep my sanity while I wait. Trying to do this whole thing without the help of Internet Marketing Companies so blogs like this help! thanks!

  34. Yesss ....... I found ma blog in search engine :)

  35. i tried searching for my blog but my latest post had the wrong title and blog name (it lacked a word on the title). how can that be? the older posts were just fine...

  36. What is your blog URL and what are the URLs of the posts in questions?


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