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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Make images not clickable or enlarge

Sometimes I get funny requests, but more than a few times I have been asked this question - how to make images clickable. This is something I don't like to do, to use Blogger's post editor COMPOSE mode as I prefer to work in the post editor EDIT HTML mode for very good reasons and hope all you bloggers who are not familiar with that to start learning. It is not difficult and if you read the posts in my blogs, eventually you can pick up sufficient HTML to do lots of things.

Back to the subject. After uploading the image while in the COMPOSE, grab (left-click) the photo with your mouse, hold it down and drag it around the post editor window. Then publish your post and test clicking on the image to see if it enlarge. Try it and please do let me know your results.


  1. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you were saying. I tried it, but all my pictures enlarge when I click on them. So I don't think what I did changed anything.

  2. Hey..
    It works...
    I tried in on my friend's blog
    I only tested it on one post just to give a try..

    And what do you know..
    It really works...
    It messed up the images structure when you first drag them around the posting window...
    You need to rearrange them to make it look like the original post..

    Here's the prove:
    to compare between the clickable and the unclickable images...

    Thx so much..

  3. thanks so much for your helpful posting - have been so frustrated, sometimes it was possible to enlarge, sometimes not... so i have to change my past posts, where necessary... thanks so much, it worked pretty well!!!

  4. ARGHHHH! I'm having the same problem that Manja mentioned; sometimes the pictures enlarge and sometimes they don't. I tried (what I understood) your solution, but still couldn't get it to work. I may have misunderstood the fix though, but desperately need help!

  5. So what if I DO want my photos to enlarge? If I drag them where I want them then they don't enlarge.

  6. Try manipulating your image in the EDIT HTML mode. Check also uploading and manipulating images Part 2.

    I have forgotten what is inside the 2 posts above. Ask again if there are any further problems

  7. Hi, Peter. I'm sorry. I must be really retarded when it comes to this kind of thing.

    I'm trying to make my pics NOT "clickable" but have been unable to do so successfully. I'm not quite sure I follow you on how to obtain the unclickable status for my pics. Please help me. Thanks so much in advance! =)

  8. I tried this and it didn't work for me. They still just open in the top left corner about the same size.

  9. very useful information....very helpful to the newbies like me


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