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Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogger for Dummies now 4 column

A few years ago, there were still almost 20% of visitors to this blog using the small 800x600px screen resolution and so this blog used a 3 column template designed for the 800x600 pixels screen resolution. However, large screens have become more popular and more common now and the latest statistics from statcounter visitor counter is given below:

visitor screen resolution statistics % percentage

The statistics showed that the percentage of small screen (800x600) resolution has fallen to just 2% while those with 1024x768 pixels and increased to 35%. This shows that I probably should now designing this blog to cater for visitors of 1024x768 pixels and above. Now in addition to the question of screen resolution, there is also the question of readability. As discussed in What is the best template?, a readability study showed that content should be around 60 CPL (characters per line). I tend to agree because I use a wide screen and when I come across text which stretches the whole breath of my wide screen, I find it difficult to read and to scan. When I read until the end of one line, I have to search for the beginning of the next line and that can be a bit difficult as the end of a line and the beginning of the next line can be separated by a large distance. Thus the width of the main column (content) was increased from 400 pixels to 450 pixels only.

If you want the template for a 4 column (3 sidebar and a main column), you can get it from 4 column New Blogger Minima template Yahoo group.

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