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Monday, September 22, 2008

Add pencil quick edit icon post

Blogger has added quick edit icon Blogger pencil quick edit icon to the bottom of the post which is only visible when you are logged into your Blogger or Google account. This is a great convenience. However, if you are using some third party template and not the standard template provided by Blogger, this very convenient pencil quick edit icon may be missing. There have been a number of bloggers who have asked how to put it back.

If this convenient pencil quick edit icon Blogger pencil quick edit icon is missing and you want it back, before trying anything complicated, first check the simple things first. Check to see if you have enabled it in the settings. Sign into Blogger dashboard ( and go to SETTINGS > BASIC and ensure that "Show Quick Editing on your Blog?" is set to "Yes":

Blogger show quick edit setting

If this is already set to "Yes", the next thing to check is the setting for the post in the LAYOUT:

Blogger LAYOUT edit blog post

Click "Edit", and make sure that "Show quick editing" is checked:

If the above all checked OK and there is still no pencil quick editing icon in your posts when you are logged in, then you will have to check the template. For this, Amanda of Blogger Buster have done a good writeup. Refer to How to add Quick Edit Pencil to Blogger Posts. Note: a scan of the comments showed that while some have succeeded, others have failed, so may I wish you luck if you want to try it.

1 comment:

  1. I tried so much with it... but i must read on Blogger Buster to solvent it.... so have a good day... thanx a lot.


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