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Monday, September 22, 2008

Add pencil quick edit icon post

Blogger has added quick edit icon Blogger pencil quick edit icon to the bottom of the post which is only visible when you are logged into your Blogger or Google account. This is a great convenience. However, if you are using some third party template and not the standard template provided by Blogger, this very convenient pencil quick edit icon may be missing. There have been a number of bloggers who have asked how to put it back.

If this convenient pencil quick edit icon Blogger pencil quick edit icon is missing and you want it back, before trying anything complicated, first check the simple things first. Check to see if you have enabled it in the settings. Sign into Blogger dashboard ( and go to SETTINGS > BASIC and ensure that "Show Quick Editing on your Blog?" is set to "Yes":

Blogger show quick edit setting

If this is already set to "Yes", the next thing to check is the setting for the post in the LAYOUT:

Blogger LAYOUT edit blog post

Click "Edit", and make sure that "Show quick editing" is checked:

If the above all checked OK and there is still no pencil quick editing icon in your posts when you are logged in, then you will have to check the template. For this, Amanda of Blogger Buster have done a good writeup. Refer to How to add Quick Edit Pencil to Blogger Posts. Note: a scan of the comments showed that while some have succeeded, others have failed, so may I wish you luck if you want to try it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogger for Dummies now 4 column

A few years ago, there were still almost 20% of visitors to this blog using the small 800x600px screen resolution and so this blog used a 3 column template designed for the 800x600 pixels screen resolution. However, large screens have become more popular and more common now and the latest statistics from statcounter visitor counter is given below:

visitor screen resolution statistics % percentage

The statistics showed that the percentage of small screen (800x600) resolution has fallen to just 2% while those with 1024x768 pixels and increased to 35%. This shows that I probably should now designing this blog to cater for visitors of 1024x768 pixels and above. Now in addition to the question of screen resolution, there is also the question of readability. As discussed in What is the best template?, a readability study showed that content should be around 60 CPL (characters per line). I tend to agree because I use a wide screen and when I come across text which stretches the whole breath of my wide screen, I find it difficult to read and to scan. When I read until the end of one line, I have to search for the beginning of the next line and that can be a bit difficult as the end of a line and the beginning of the next line can be separated by a large distance. Thus the width of the main column (content) was increased from 400 pixels to 450 pixels only.

If you want the template for a 4 column (3 sidebar and a main column), you can get it from 4 column New Blogger Minima template Yahoo group.

Free Favicon generator and host

The icon (tiny photo of mine) in the address bar (in front of the URL) at the top of this browser is called a favicon


If you want to have a Favicon for your blog, refer to Favicon generator and host

Blogger for Dummies multilingual

Blogger for Dummies has been redesigned to become 4 column. I now thus have more room to add widgets and a Google Translate widget has been placed at the top of the leftmost sidebar. If you want this blog to be translated into your language, just click the down arrow down arrow icon of Google Translator and chose your language. If I counted correctly, you can translate into 18 languages including standard and simplified Chinese.

Blogger and his guitar

I received an email which made me think back about my school days. 40 years ago, I wanted to learn to play the guitar. I had a cheap acoustic guitar and did manage to strum along some oldies like "I started a joke", "Proud Mary", etc. However, I was no expert. After getting that email, I dug out a guitar from my storeroom (photo below):

Yamaha FG-400A acoustic guitar

It is a Yamaha FG-400A acoustic guitar. Makes this blogger's fingers itch. After all, I have been blogging for 3 good years and for 3 years, I was glued to the computer. I think it is time for a bit of diversion. However, I have never had any formal training to play a guitar more professionally.

That email contains a link to jamorama review and offers guitar courses. It seems it only cost $39.95 and it is via distance learning. Wonder if they offers special price for pensioners bloggers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Use active link when commenting

Not infrequently, one gets a commentator who leaves an inactive long URL when leaving a comment in a blog. Now if that URL happens to be a long one, one will get an unsightly long unbroken line like in the screen shot below:

long inactive hyperlink in comment

Depending on the situation, this unnecessary problem may be just a problem of aesthetic where the long URL juts beyond the boundary of the main column into the sidebar either obscuring part of the right sidebar of part of the URL becoming hidden, or it may be worst - sidebar pushed to bottom of the page.

There is a simple solution. Make the URL into an active (clickable) link
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