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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ordered list HTML

If you want to display an ordered list like for example:

  1. this is line 1

  2. this is line 2

  3. this is line 3

the HTML to display them is given below:

<li>this is line 1</li>
<li>this is line 2</li>
<li>this is line 3</li>


  1. Can you help me? Sorry I've searched your site but can't seem to find anything on what I need help with! When posting a new post I used to have the following options on top in a bar: fonts, font size, centering option, etc. Now they are all gone and it's driving me crazy. The only one's left are bold, italic, adding a picture, and a video option. WHere did these other options go? I need them back!!! Also, when i add pictures, a bunch of symbols show up now on my draft instead of the actual picture. When I post the final draft on my blog the picture shows up but on my draft it won't and it's driving me crazy. Is there a way to fix this? Please help!! Thanks!!!

  2. this is not a ordered list this is a list

  3. Hi Mayotruck,

    It is an ordered list. Ordered list is a numbered list. Unordered list is a list with no numbers or alphabets.

  4. Hi Teddy & Scotty,

    You were in COMPOSE mode before but now is in the EDIT HTML mode. Switch back and you get your tool icons back

  5. I googled "blogging for dummies" as I wanted to put a list in my sidebar. I found your post very helpful for someone like me who has no idea what they are doing. So, I wanted to thank you! I am sure I will check back when I need help, and I will tell others about your site, too!

  6. This is a simple code.. Anyone can learn those basic HTML codes by going to w3school website..Thanks for posting this cool tips

  7. Hi peter, its me again. I want to know how to put my logo before my blog address instead of the B (logo of blogger). Example you put your photo as a logo?


  8. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Favicon generator worked very well. Many Thanks to you!


  9. Disaster tonight....spent 4 hours working on a draft and suddenly the page refreshed and I could not get it back. Whole draft is gone. I have two posts and was working on the third. On the dashboard it shows 3 posts but only the prior two appear for editing. What the heck went wrong and can I get my work back. It appeard that auto-save was working. Help!

  10. Help, spent four hours working on my 3rd entry. The draft appeared to be auto saving and then suddenly the page refreshed and everything was gone. The dashboard tells me their are 3 posts but only two come up for editing, the two old ones. Where oh where did my hard work go????

  11. help me yar i cant make side abar hyperlink


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