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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cannot find blog with search engine?

A frequent complaint of new bloggers is that they cannot find their blog when searching for their blog with search engines. First, your blog need to be indexed by search engines. To check if your blog or website is indexed by a search engine, type:

site:URL of blog or website

for example, type this:


into the search box and press the key ENTER. If you get some results, that means the blog had been indexed. For more details, refer to check to see if website indexed.

Now even if it is indexed, the link to your blog will have to be near the top (first few pages) of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to be easily found. It may be very far down the lists of links in the SERP (example, in page 1001) in which case you will have to do a lot of clicking through the pages before you can find the link to your blog.

In order to come up in the first few results, you will have to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


  1. Hi. I am a student of Journalism. You could visit my new blog dedicated to what I am leanring about Journalism at my institute in India. Could you suggest some SEO tips that I could use for my new blog?

    Here's the url:

  2. Hey. I got to learn a lot about inbound and outbound links through yor blog. And also about its usefulness in getting indexed by the Search Engines.

    Like for instance, by accepting your comment on my blog, I have allowed a few outbound links to develop?

    I am also learning a bit about reciprocal links. Your blogs are very informative and useful. Thanks.

    You are right, My blog- Learning Journalism does not show up on Search Engine results.

  3. Hi Aspiring Journalist,

    Fortunately or unfortunately, Blogger and practically all blogging platform has added a "nofollow" atttribute to links in comments so search engine do not follow these comments so it can be said to be not an outbound link.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogging Ideas (now Blogging Tips and Tricks

  4. Okk. I got it:-)

    Thanks, again:-)

  5. Hi, I am learning blogging,
    will come and read each of your post,
    drop a comment as support :)
    Pls feel free to drop by my blog, thanks :)

  6. hi peter i've come here for many many times and your explanations have helped me much.

    i've put some additionals html on but now when i type 'blogwyd' as a keyword i cant find my blog on google search engine. but site: will work.

    can u help me now?
    thank u

  7. My site is

    I am not able to see in google search, even after adding it to google webmaster tools

  8. Did you check to see if blog has been indexed?

  9. I checked:

    Your site has been indexed, but probably in search engine result pages are deep inside the results and hard to find.

  10. Anonymous12:58 AM

    A friend of mine's business hired a lesser-known SEO firm to work on promoting their website. They paid them a TON of money over a few months, and they left the site off pretty much where it started. NEVER hire an SEO company without making sure they are legit and trusted!


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