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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dummies Guide to HTML Part 1

HTML is easy

First, rest be assured that learning enough HTML (HyperText Markup Language, but don't let this bombastic name frighten you please) to be able to control the appearance of your blog and the properties or attributes of various things in your blog is not difficult. Just to reassure you, you can actually add HTML to your blog without knowing HTML at all.

First, in the post editor, don't use COMPOSE mode. I hate this mode and never use it. If you want to master your blog, please use the EDIT HTML mode. See screen shot below:


HTML without sweat

Now, for example, when you want to make some text bold, first highlight the text, for example, highlight "text bold" (see screen shot below):

HTML for bold text

After highlighting, click the "bold icon" tool icon for bold. You will see that the "text bold" has been surrounded by <span styl...> and </span> and ends up as:

<span style="font-weight:bold;">text bold</span>

You can do the same thing to make text italic.

There, you see, you have added HTML into your blog post without knowing anything about HTML. Now to give you confidence, we will add a simple example where you will learn how to use HTML tags to make some text superscript.

Another simple example. Suppose you want to put some text as superscript. It is very easy. Suppose I want the "TM" in the title of my upcoming book Dream Driven LifeTM as superscript, what I have to do is to add <sup> (opening HTML tag) in front of TM and </sup> (closing HTML tag, HTML tags always occur in pairs) after TM so what I have will be


and a web browser like FireFox will display the text of my up and coming book

Dream Driven LifeTM

Now I can even put the superscript in an active hyperlink Dream Driven LifeTM

That is easy isn't it? Be assured that as you read various posts in this blog and in Blogger Tips and Tricks, you will learn enough to be able to do a lot of things.


  1. Dear Peter,

    I am reading and reading. Can you please help me, or direct me to the correct place to find the answer?
    I am making an electronic portfolio, and i need to make hyperlinks to my documents.
    so, I have assignments, of 30 or more pages and need to make a link, one click and my paper shows up.
    I have posted a document on, as you suggested, but, what do i do now? How do i get the link to connect to the paper?
    I have done this with google docs but these papers are too large to use google docs.
    please help

  2. Let me come back to this later in the day.

  3. Oops J email notification for your comment ended up in the spam folder and only now revisited. Have you found the solution or let me test embedding/linking Scribd document again and/or writing a post for you. Hope I can get this done at this late hours.


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