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Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogger: Beyond the Basics (Book)

Press Release, May 2008

Go Beyond the Basics of Blogger with New Book

Blogger: Beyond the Basics is a new book from Packt, which will take users beyond the basics of Blogger. Written by Lee Jordan, this book will help users to take full advantage of the rich and powerful features of Blogger to transform their blog into a fresh and state-of-the-art blog as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Blogger is a blog publishing system from Google with a friendly interface specifically designed to create and maintain weblogs. It allows users to easily create dynamic blogs with great content and many outstanding features including RSS feeds, link-backs, photo slideshows, and integration with popular Google applications like Picasa. Its versatility and ease of use has attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users.
This book will focus on transforming a typical blog into something fresh and professional that stands out from the crowd. It starts with an introduction to an example blog, discussing what it is lacking, and then adding all the features of Blogger to make it successful. This book will show users how to transform a slow-paced typical business blog into an attractive and interactive profit-making blog with measurable results. It has a very user-friendly approach and shares tips, tricks, and resources to continue to grow their blog.
This book deals with using the current Blogger and third-party tools to optimize and create widgets for a blog. Users can transform their blog using existing tools then take it further with more challenging approaches to customizing their blog. All the steps involved in each example are listed under the section called "Time for action". Similarly, the results of that action are listed under the section called "What just happened". This structure adds to the clear, simple, and focused approach of the book.

The book is aimed at current users of the Blogger platform who want to get the most out of Blogger and people who use a different blogging platform and are planning on switching to Blogger. Blog owners who promote their own services, expertise, and products, and want to increase their blog's success by pushing the limits of what Blogger can do will get the most out of this book. The book doesn't require any specific knowledge of Blogger or the related technologies: RSS, CSS, HTML, and XML. Everything users need to know to grow beyond the basics is covered in this book.
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  1. I need help!

    Someone designed a somewhat "fancy" blog/website for me. The site url is

    But now that I want to turn on the comments thing so that readers may leave comments, I can't figure out how to do it.

    I assume that the normal settings were altered when the blog was customized, but how do I set those settings and still keep the blog/website looking like it does?


  2. The books like an incredible tool. I recently began this extensive (research) campaign to learn more about blogging--beyond the basics of post an article and hope for the best. Being a writer my time is critical to my success and I have noticed that I am spending more time researching methods for effective marketing of my blog (and then my book) rather than writing. But it is a necessary evil. Books like this (and your website) truly help the self-marketeer on his quest!

    Thanks so much!

    ~Bobby Ozuna
    author of Proud Souls


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