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Monday, July 14, 2008

Abandoned or neglected blog URL - is it available?

This request frequently crops up. A blogger wants a certain Blogger blog URL but it cannot get it because someone had already registered and either the blog is abandoned or neglected or didn't publish even a single post yet. Blogger wants to know if it is available.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The URL is reserved in case the person who registered it decided to do something about it later. The URL will only be freed for others to register (or claim) it if the original blogger deleted that blog.


  1. The problem is that one cannot always get in touch with the blogger who abandoned a blog. I'm afraid you cannot ask for an email address either.

  2. This is a late reply and I hope someone addresses it but if for example the author of a blog hasn't used it since 2002 (no posts whatsoever) and has also posted a message, "This site is mine, FAQ you", what are we supposed to think ? Shouldn't domains like that be deleted and left for someone else?

  3. What we think makes no difference it is what Blogger does. However, if the blogger did not hide navbar you can try to flag it and pray Blogger will delete the blog.

  4. Thank you Peter, I will try


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