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Monday, June 09, 2008

Reset widget Page Element comment signature etc.

Please refer to Symptoms of problems. Trouble shooting tips. Instruction to reset widgets and Page Elements if your blog is missing comments link, author signature, etc. even though settings are set to enable comments, etc.

Please provide feedback as to whether that trouble shooting tips work.

Symptoms of problems. Trouble shooting tips. Instruction to reset widgets and Page Elements.


  1. yes this trouble shooting tip worked . Thanks


  2. Hi I have a request, I need a index widget for my blog. Can you do that for me??

    Here's the video about what I want

    I made a video coz I have requested for this widgets to numerous blogger and web experts and I thought you are among them..

    Please post ur reply @

  3. That's absolutely working! Thanks for sharing and keep sharing such nice stuff.
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  4. This is a really stupid question but what language does the script need to be in?
    Saç Ekimi

  5. So for all the script in templates had been in English so I would assume English

  6. Thanks for posting !

  7. Thanks for sharing the post.Its a very useful tips for reseting the widgets.
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