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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Promotional Products PDF book eBook

You may have read about my disappointment at not being accepted as an author for Blogger for Dummies (Wiley Publications) but was not selected because I troubled the publisher with too many emails. Perhaps that "failure" is a blessing in disguise as I now have a more holistic dream or goal, and it all started with agreeing to help my sister-in-law, Kok Lee Wah, with a blog to help her recruit agents for her AIA life insurance district WealthVest. In order to become a District Manager for WealthVest, she had to give up her original life insurance agency, KL/Legacy. Since Kok Lee Wah is an extremely busy person, she had been unable to provide the content, which was what we agreed to - I manage the blog and she or her assistants provide the content. After waiting for a long period of time and no significant content forthcoming, I finally decided to be a life insurance agent myself and thus provide my own content. The second day after discussing the possibility of becoming an AIA insurance agent, I attended a great presentation where in addition to winning a nice ball point pen souvenir, I ended up with "I want to take over KL/LegacyTM" when asked what is my dream. I voiced that out in public, looks like I have to "put my hands, feet and brain to my mouth."

Well, that legacy I intend to leave behind go beyond taking over KL/Legacy agency. In order to achieve my dream, I am planning to author 2 PDF books. The first one is of course related to my "failure" to become of Wiley's Blogger for Dummies. Time permitting, I will publish a PDF book along the same line, perhaps under the title "e-Book Dummies Guide to Blogger". The other PDF book I hope to author is a self-improvement or motivation PDF book, "The Dream Driven LifeTM" or "The
Goal Driven LifeTM.

I have made the first step towards achieve part of my my dream or goal (or aim or objective .....), that is, to leave a legacy when I depart from this world. I have already made the first step to trademark my first book, Dream Driven LifeTM or Goal Driven LifeTM by Peter Chen, the only Malaysian Blog*Star

Perhaps I may even put them up as downloadable PDF book and probably sell them online via PayLoadz. However, being a relatively new and unknown author, I may face problems selling them. Perhaps offering some kind of promotional products for those who download the PDF book or books may help. Perhaps try out some low cost promotional items like Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted pens as I would like to keep cost down. These promotional customized pens at currently on offer at 50% discount.

wide body BIC pen 50% discount
Photo of Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted Pen is property of

Now the PDF book "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) or "Goal Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008)will be all about motivation and how we must have a goal or dream in life to achieve anything significant. This motivation book will be very suitable for commercial corporations to motivate their staff to achieve greater success. Perhaps I should offer for corporations buying my motivation "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) to help promote my PDF book.

Now to find the time to publish these 2 PDF books. Praying for 48 hour days.
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