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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Peter Chen is back: Responding to backlog of Comments now

Hi all, sorry for the delay in approving your comments and responding to them. I am back from medical leave. Nothing serious, just warded for observation because of low blood sodium level. It was a long stay - almost 2 weeks. But it was a much needed rest. Now I have some 121 comments to go through in 3 blogs and more in blogs using different Blogger account:

121 comments waiting for approval and response

For those whose comments are in those 121 comments waiting for approval, hope you have some patience as I try to clear the backlog.


  1. Hi Mr. Chen.

    I haven't visited your blog in awhile ('tho I'm grateful for the content and help that you have specifically given me at my blog address).

    I don't know if you are still active on your blog yet if you are I had question about lost computer passwords.

    I acquired some forgotten computers at an estate sale and no one seems to know how to get into the computers--any suggestions?

  2. That require a computer expert which I am not.

  3. I have files stored on 4Shared, up to 5gigs, and I do a lot of music
    reviews, got Chris Cornell tomorrow, and was hoping someone could give
    me help into how to post song files that I have saved remotely i.e.

    to my blog I got a review for Phoenix
    coming up and a lot of music, fashion, art, lit, posting
    music and audio is essential. I know how to use audioblogger pretty
    well, but have forgot how to get say yahoo music player into my blog

    Any help would be great as this is time sensitive as the show is
    tomorrow. I will def. give you a shout out on as an append to the


    - Calix

  4. I am afraid I do not know exactly what you want but hope that this, music and blogs can help you.


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