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Saturday, May 03, 2008

How to make photo not clickable

This is a rare question as most have problems where they found their photos not clickable and want to know why plus the solution.

One reason put forth is when you upload your photos in the Blogger post editor COMPOSE and then drag-drop them to shift them around (something which I hate to do), the photos may become unclickable. However I myself have not tried it myself as I hate to use the COMPOSE mode and sort of "boycott" it, today I tested it at testing if drag-drop images to move it while in the COMPOSE mode of the Blogger post editor window will make images unclickable and found that even after dragging and dropping the photo in the COMPOSE mode to move it, that photo was still clikable. However, read what else was written in the post as other bloggers had reported conflicting results.

I further tested displaying a photo using the <img> tag in testing if using the HTML image tag will make the image unclickable and the result was that I can make it unclickable.

How to make image unclickable

This is what you need to do. Do not upload your images direct via the Blogger post editor window tool bar. Upload it to some image (photo) hosts like the free Photobucket image host. Get the image URL, then use this image HTML tag to display the image:

<"img src="image URL" />

If you want, you may want to add some useful attributes lie alt="some text to tell search engines what the photo is about" and/or title="some text which will be shown in a tool tip when the mouse cursor is hover over them image. To make it clear, I will paste the actual script I used to display that unclickable photo in HTML image tag to make displayed images unclicable:

<img src="" align="center" alt="Muppet Mobile Lab Disney" title="Muppet Mobile Lab Disney" /><div align="center /">Photo of Muppet Mobile Lab is property of <a href="" target="_blank"> Dawn Endico</a></div>

Please be warned that I can make the image clickable if I want even when using the <img> tag and if you want to know how, you will have to ask.


  1. Hi! Thanks for this post. I was looking for a reason why my pictures were not clickable, and I tried using the html cut and paste instead of dragging. It worked! Now my question is, how do you make an unclickable picture clickable again? I have some posts where I dragged the pictures around, and would like to make them clickable again? Any ideas?

  2. I have tried dragging my pictures around many times and they are still clickable :))) but my images to blogger are all stored in Picasa Web Album... if that is any help...

  3. Resize them to a smaller image before you upload them. Use photo editors like Irfanview to resize them smaller before uploading.

  4. can you help me on making my images unclickable i cant do it. everytime i do that there is always a link to the image.... help me

  5. I need help making my pictures clickable. What's the easiest way to do this? THanks!

  6. When you drag the photos while in COMPOSE mode, they will become not clickable, so avoid that.

  7. Thank you! It worked ;) my pictures are now not clickable! thanx alot!

  8. You can make pictures uploaded from your computer also unclickable. After you have uploaded, under the tab with HTML, delete the entire section that follows:
    onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""

    This always works for me.

  9. Sorry to write but HONEST I looked for the answer. I want a live image in the sidebar. I don't want a clicked image to open a picasa window and trust that the user is smart enough to hit the "back" arrow. I want the image to open on the same page, larger, and have the "close" option on the image just like the sidebar video operates.

  10. This is how I make my pics unclickable;

    In Compose {sorry:} I upload my images and write my post - then before I publish - I select all {my entire post} and select the 'HTML link' option on the new post toolbar. When the window for the HTML link comes up - I just delete any text in that field. Usually just http:// and that's worked for me to make my photos unclickable. At least so far so good!
    You can highlight one photo is you wants as well - don't have to make the entire post unclickable :]

  11. Hey
    I am just looking for a JAVA/HTML script that will create a pop up when people try to right click my images. Obviously people can still printscreen pics but its more likely to put people off and I was just wondering if you could tell me how to do that?
    Let me know :) x

  12. Anonymous4:20 AM

    to make image unclicked in blogger when your are uploading pics from your computer all you a have to do is remove everything before the img tag

    For eg:(cant add html tags in comment)
    Remove everything before img tag so the final output
    img src="" />

    Now the image in unclickable

  13. pcpedia, thanks for the heads up. Actually what you described was also explained in my later post failsafe way to make image unclickable and you have reminded me to update this post. Thanks

  14. thanks, helped me with my blog (

  15. Any idea how to make only the images on my main page unclickable? I have a photo site and would like users to visit the post page before downloading. Thanks...

  16. Hi I want to make my pictures unclickable before uploading, so i can upload on any sites, how do i do that?

  17. Not very sure what you want but hope that Make images link to some website is of use to you.

  18. For Pink Fish, refer to how to make images not clickable which essentially uses only the <img> tag to display images and remove any <a> tags

  19. Hi, I want to put alt attribute to all my img tags. I did Ctrl F and put alt attribute where ever I found img tag.

    But still in the blog analysis sites (such as my blog it is giving the warning that all img tags do not have alt attribute.

    Please can u help me.

  20. Are you using the New post editor? If so, uploaded images will not have alt="" added. YOu have to add them yourself

  21. Hello Peter,

    I am using the new blogger. Now to the blogs I add I make it a point to add alt attribute to all images. But I think the problem is with the group page (or the home page.

    I went to the html version of the code and did a Ctrl F to find all img tags and but the alt attribute there too. But still I am missing the alt tag somewhere. That is wht the analysis site says. Please can u review my blog ( Thanks


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