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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Embed Youtube video in blog post

Most videos uploaded to Youtube allows embedding as a script is normally provided on the left of the video. See screen shot below:

how to embed Youtube Video

Follow the red error from the text with yellow background. Click inside the box containing the Youtube video script for embedding {this may not be necessary, but if the whole of the script in not highlighted (blue), or if you want to be doubly sure that you have got all the script, right-click on the mouse, click "select all", right-click again, click "copy". Alternatively, just press the 2 keys simultaneously, ctrl + A to select all, and ctrl + C to copy into clipboard}.

Paste the script into Blogger post editor. Refer to How to find the width of the Header, sidebars and main column (click BACK button to get back to this page) and get the width of your blog main column. Then refer to How to resize Youtube video to fit whatever width of main column (post), sidebar, etc to get instruction on how to resize Youtube video according to the width of the main column (posts) of your blog.

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  1. This is perfect! I had this very problem today. Thank you for the informative post.

  2. hello mr. chen,

    sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i couldn't find a more appropriate place to get in contact with you.

    ok i wanted to know if you knew of any better video players than Blogger's for videos posted by the user for their blogger page? i don't want youtube. don't like it. and i prefer posting my own videos anyway and uploading them myself. anyway if you know a specific video player that is good for showing off excellent quality of your own uploaded videos i'd REALLY appreciate it pal. i know you're the one to ask mr. blogger maestro ;D. please help mr. chen. thanks!

    take care pal.

  3. can you suggest any good youtube video downloader?


  4. hi long island ripper,

    Don't know if it is better than YouTube, but if you want you can try LiveVideo.

    Peter Chen Blog*Star
    Dream Driven Life(TM)

  5. hello mr. chen

    thanks for the reply and post on my music blog. greatly appreciated. i'll look into livevideo. thanks again pal.

    take care friend.

  6. hello mr. chen,

    i have been so busy with my other blogs The Inferno Music Crypt and The Insomnia Video Stash lately. I totally forgot to try LiveVideo. i am sorry mr. chen. i know i said i would try it. But you see the reason why i wanted to try it was that i was experiencing a problem with blogger video.

    see when i would play a blogger video or a uploaded vid thru blogger i made it would play for 2 seconds then stop. i didn't know what was wrong till i discovered on another page that it was the cache on my browser. i had to raise the cache and then press ok. this made it work fine again on my Firefox browser (That's what i use). so that was why i wanted to try other video players.

    i thought i told ya in a previous message but i guess i didn't. sorry mr. chen. so to answer your message, no i really haven't tried other videos other than youtube. i mean i rip videos from youtube and then post it on my blog. i convert them from .flv to .mp4 using this nifty program i have. im sorry for the misunderstanding mr. chen. but from what i can remember (my memory's hazy right now, just woke up) i don't remember using any other videos from a different site.

    hope that helps in my feedback you requested. take care mr. chen.

  7. What if I can't find the "layout" link? There's nothing in my dashboard that says layout, or template, or even page elements.

  8. For Luai,

    What exactly do you want to do? If it is to embed a Youtube video into your blog post, then it does not matter if you don't have LAYOUT of ADD A GADGET (formerly Page Element), but you will have the Blogger post editor into which you can paste the Youtube codes.

    This will be a different matter if you want to embed the Youtube video into the sidebar. In that case you will have to let us know if you are using New Blogger xml template or old classic Blogger template

  9. thanks for the info, the same I am using in this blog, but main issue is that video has been shinked to small size. Can you please explain why, here is the link

  10. What video has shrunk to a small size? I saw "Saaya Irie Video Counter Strike Music In Background" but the video filled almost the entire width of the post (main) column.

  11. thanx bro....i really finding this and u tell me...thanx alot.....thanx thanx

  12. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I paste the script in my blog post, both the visual and HTML mode, but the video does NOT appear in the published post at all!

  13. You can also post your own videos from your other sites onto your blogger blog,not just You Tube videos. I have succesfully embeded and published my own videos from my My Space site onto my own Blogger blogs. My space is a great site and also their recording time for videos is up to 2o minutes long,but You Tube only allows 1o minutes.Andrea.

  14. Thank You so much!! Very Helpful!! and easy to understand!!

  15. Its not working in IE7

  16. Can you tell me how to fix this problem of not having the video "filmstrip" icon at top of post bar? I can't find it anywhere? How do I get that?

  17. " "filmstrip" icon at top of post bar"

    I am afraid you will have to explain what this "filmstrip" icon and "post bar" before I can answer your question.

  18. The filmstrip icon: I figured out that i had the new editing version and had to click back to the old editing version to finally get the "filmstrip" looking icon on top of posting bar. But when I tried to upload a video, it "appeared" to be working, then BAM, it came up with error. Any suggestions? And thank you for contacting me via my blog.

  19. I am still mystified by this "filmstrip icon". It is from Youtube while uploading video or is it referring to the Blogger post or post editor?

  20. thank! such a big help!

  21. Thanks for this knowledge. I ll use my web blog.

  22. also, if you're looking to save/ convert them to another format, you can do that here: youtube video converter

  23. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Was chuffed to bits finding this post. I'm hoping I can go back and redo a film for my first post I put on my site tonight. Just joined and am spending time tinkering and getting used to things. Thanks for this news:-)

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  25. @ankur: you can use firefox plugins to download videos from youtube. its really an easy option
    roku box


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