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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Embed Youtube video in blog post

Most videos uploaded to Youtube allows embedding as a script is normally provided on the left of the video. See screen shot below:

how to embed Youtube Video

Follow the red error from the text with yellow background. Click inside the box containing the Youtube video script for embedding {this may not be necessary, but if the whole of the script in not highlighted (blue), or if you want to be doubly sure that you have got all the script, right-click on the mouse, click "select all", right-click again, click "copy". Alternatively, just press the 2 keys simultaneously, ctrl + A to select all, and ctrl + C to copy into clipboard}.

Paste the script into Blogger post editor. Refer to How to find the width of the Header, sidebars and main column (click BACK button to get back to this page) and get the width of your blog main column. Then refer to How to resize Youtube video to fit whatever width of main column (post), sidebar, etc to get instruction on how to resize Youtube video according to the width of the main column (posts) of your blog.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peter Chen on Medical Leave

Dear all,

Peter Chen (Blog Star) is currently on medical leave and is unable to approve and respond to your comment and email messages. He will get back to you as soon as he is able to. Your patience is much appreciated.

Mi Ghent
(Peter's daughter)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Free games: Some love it, some don't so.....

Well, I never like Free Games. In fact, you can say I hate it. I hate it when I see my son playing games when he should be studying. I hate it when I see youngsters whiling their time late in the morning in cyber cafe when they should be in bed.

You may share my feelings, but who are we to decide what other likes. If they love Pokemon Shoot, are we to tell them no, The Idiot Test 2 (probably a mind game - thinking) is better? It is a free world. We just concluded a General Election. I voted wisely I think and rejoiced, and another (result was about 50:50) voted unwisely, I think. Am I to stop them from voting?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Late responses: Apologies and reasons

There are a number of comments still not approved and responded to yet. I apologize to those kept waiting and just wish to let them know I was asked to be admitted to hospital Wednesday and had no access to the Internet. I am out now. I am fine with just a small problem that will probably be resolved soon. I need to finish some tasks with datelines first and I will then turn my attention to those comments waiting for me.

Please be a bit patient. I think it probably wouldn't be very long before I get to them.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

How to make photo not clickable

This is a rare question as most have problems where they found their photos not clickable and want to know why plus the solution.

One reason put forth is when you upload your photos in the Blogger post editor COMPOSE and then drag-drop them to shift them around (something which I hate to do), the photos may become unclickable. However I myself have not tried it myself as I hate to use the COMPOSE mode and sort of "boycott" it, today I tested it at testing if drag-drop images to move it while in the COMPOSE mode of the Blogger post editor window will make images unclickable and found that even after dragging and dropping the photo in the COMPOSE mode to move it, that photo was still clikable. However, read what else was written in the post as other bloggers had reported conflicting results.

I further tested displaying a photo using the <img> tag in testing if using the HTML image tag will make the image unclickable and the result was that I can make it unclickable.

How to make image unclickable

This is what you need to do. Do not upload your images direct via the Blogger post editor window tool bar. Upload it to some image (photo) hosts like the free Photobucket image host. Get the image URL, then use this image HTML tag to display the image:

<"img src="image URL" />

If you want, you may want to add some useful attributes lie alt="some text to tell search engines what the photo is about" and/or title="some text which will be shown in a tool tip when the mouse cursor is hover over them image. To make it clear, I will paste the actual script I used to display that unclickable photo in HTML image tag to make displayed images unclicable:

<img src="" align="center" alt="Muppet Mobile Lab Disney" title="Muppet Mobile Lab Disney" /><div align="center /">Photo of Muppet Mobile Lab is property of <a href="" target="_blank"> Dawn Endico</a></div>

Please be warned that I can make the image clickable if I want even when using the <img> tag and if you want to know how, you will have to ask.

Friday, May 02, 2008

BLOGHOUSE: Malaysian bloggers headquarter

Bloggers, political situation and press freedom in Malaysia

Bloggers in Malaysia are a special breed. They have been accorded all kind of names like "monkey bloggers", "female lying bloggers" and "goblok". According to Wikipedia Indonesia, "Goblok adalah sebuah kata yang artinya Bodoh atau Tolol" which translated to plain English is "Goblok is a word meaning stupid or asinine, balmy, dimwitted, dopey, fatuous, featherbrained, fool, foolish, empty headed, glassy, goofy, half witted, idiot, idiotic, ignoramus, inane, rattlebrained, sappy, senseless, silly, simple-minded, stupid, thick-headed, wooden-headed, asshole and ass hole (from

Wow!! Such honor, such a long list of titles! Now prior to the 12th Malaysia General Election 2008, there were lots of "protest blogs" like Blog for Positive Changes and a whole lot more. The arrogant, deaf and insensitive ruling BN (Barisan Nasional) hardly have any blog worth mentioning and concentrated on the tightly controlled MSM (mainstream media) where all kinds of rubbish news are dished out which hardly any thinking Malaysians take seriously. But obviously the BN politicians do, for they believed their own propaganda and got lulled into a sense of complacency, thinking they will continue to get elected back into office with huge majority like in the past.

The opposition political parties and sympathizers on the other hand because they were locked out from the mainstream media to deliver their message, turned to blogs to deliver their messages to the public. It had come to the point that blogs are given more credibility than the mainstream media.

For their complacency and neglect of alternative media, the arrogant BN were handed their worst trashing in the recent election, lost control of many states and only managed to cling on to Federal Government control by a simple majority with just over 50% of the votes. Many believed they would have lost had it not been for unfair election practices such as denying the opposition access to the main stream media and other practices which I dare not list here for fear of being sued.

Expanding monkey bloggers tribe in Malaysia

And now, you know what? Our Malaysian tribe of monkey bloggers have grown. BN politicians have now started their own blogs, one of which was Mohd. Ali Rustam, latest monkey blogger. This hugely arrogant Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) of Malacca is mainly remembered for insulting a component party of their coalition as an invited guest at their general assembly by telling them in their place that they are not needed in BN (a coalition of many political parties which UKNO of which the arrogant Mohd. Ali Rustam is a very senior member). They can leave the coalition anytime. In fact he suggested they leave before the next general election. Why wait, he asked. UMNO have ruled Malaysia for 50 years and can continue to rule the country for another 50 years without their support.

Well, we monkey bloggers will welcome all other monkey bloggers irrespective of political inclinations as long as publish sense and not nonsense.

Malaysian Bloghouse - a center for Malaysian Bloggers

Well before the so-called "political tsunami" in Malaysia, Malaysian bloggers have already banded together and rented a detached house to serve as the Malaysian Bloghouse. They were lucky and managed to get donations of items like television, refrigerator, furniture, air conditioners, and I don't know what else. If I remember correctly, the pillars upon which the gates are hinged have a built-in Mailbox.

I do not know how much snail mails Bloghouse get in its Mail box, but bloggers being very Internet savvy, I don't expect them to get much except for junk mails. Perhaps a better idea may to get someone to donate some multi-unit Mailboxes

multi-unit mailboxes
Photo of multi-unit mailboxes is property of D C John

Then Malaysian bloggers monkeys or homo sapiens can leave hard copy messages for each other in Malaysia BLOGHOUSE.
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