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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Get more visitors: Update frequently

Update blog regularly to get more traffic (visitors)

Search engines love websites which are updated frequently. Here is one of the main reason blogs are popular with search engines. By its nature, blogs frequently have new posts. By updating frequently, the likelihood of your blog getting hits from search engines are higher. Neglect your blog and the reverse is true. I just read one Internet Marketeer said the opposite going against majority SEO professionals. Now I am no professional, but all I know is one of my blog, Environmental blog: Enviroman Says used to get regular visitors from search engines. That is, until I started my Blogger related blogs. Then I had no time for my environmental blog and I could see it getting less and less hits from search engines. That is my own experience. Hope you will share yours by leaving a comment.

Effect of frequent updating on regular visitors

Tell me if you regularly visit this blog, but saw the same old stuff day in, day out. Tell me what you will likely do? Stop visiting, right? On the other hand, each time you come back here and see fresh interesting content, tell me what will you likely do now? Come back for more, right? Well, that is how it usually works. Regular visitors want regular updates. No updates, less visitors.

Effect of frequent updating on visits from navbar

Just in case you don't know what a navbar is, below is a screen shot of one:

Blogger navbar: Next blog
Actually, that is only the left corner of the Blogger navbar. You want to see the whole navbar, move your eyes up and you will see the whole navbar at the very top of this page. What I want to draw your attention to is "Next blog". That has both been a blessing and a curse - a blessing for those who just want to play "Chance" and it will almost be like playing at the roulette table. You wouldn't know what the next number will be. Similarly, you will get to "random" blogs which you may love or hate. It is a curse to educators who set up blogs for their students. Students clicking on "Next blog" may chance upon blogs with adult content, and that is horrifying to educators. Which is why many want to hide the navbar (click BACK button to get back to this page).

Note that I wrote "random" blogs. Actually, it is not that "random". This "Next blog" gives preference those blogs just were recently updated. Which was why when I checked the visitor counter for Lewis Chew blog after publishing a new post, I found an increase in hits from navbar. See screen shot below (Click to enlarge. IP address erased for privacy.):

Visitors from Blogger navbar

See the words "navbar" highlighted by red ellipses. There were a total of 10 such visitor consecutively. The reason why I suddenly get so many visitors from the Next Blog in the Blogger is because I just publish a post not too long ago. I expect such visits to taper off with time until the next time I publish another post.

Spam blogs (splogs) and visits from navbar

It was like that in the beginning when I first started blogging. Then the spammers. What they did was to create as many account as they can, then use robotic programs to publish new posts after new posts. In this way, they sucked away a lot of traffic from legitimate bloggers like us.

Blogger then uses spam killer robots to identify them without human intervention. There were quite a sizable false positives, legitimate blogs labeled as spam blogs and the blog owners have to request for human intervention to solve their headache.

Whatever they may have done must be effective as when these splogs came onto the scene, I hardly get any visitors from Next Blog in the navbar. Hopefully this state of affairs will remain stable.


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  4. Hmm. Do you have any idea how to track how many people are reading your blog? I have just started a blog and I would hate to think I'm talking to myself :(

  5. Easy. Get a visitor counter.

    Actually want to write a Visitor counter FAQ with more details, but have to go to Hospital to view my allergy test result. Will do it later.

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