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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cannot sign into Blogger. What to do

Very common problem. Either blogger have forgotten the username (email address) or cannot remember password.

How to get Blogger username or password

All you need to do is to go to,

Google Blogger sign in page

don't fill in any of the fields (boxes), just click on "Sign in". The next page, you will see

Google Blogger forgot password

At the bottom, you see "forgot your password?". Click on that and the next page will reveal

forgot Google Blogger username or password

If you forgot your password, type in your email address you used for the Blogger account and click "Lookup". If you don't know what email address you used, but you know the URL of your blog, fill in the field at the top. For example, the [       ] indicate what you are supposed to fill in. The rest of it has already been done for you:


Those in red is what you are supposed to replace with the actual address (URL) of your blog. Click "Lookup", then check all your email Inboxes that you ever have. Make sure you check the Spam folder (or Bulk folder) as well as sometimes legitimate emails can end up there.

If you still have problems, and since this is an account related issue, fill in the Blogger contact form, a link to which is provided in the latest update right at the top of Blogger Support

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