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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Add space to blog post, but not with space bar

When you prepare a post with Blogger, you can only add a single space using the space bar. Even if you press the space bar 1000 times, two words will only be separated by a single space. If you need to create more than that, you will have to use what is know as non-breaking space. Now I am going to create a wide space between "begin" and "end" in the example below:

begin               end

If you try doing that by repeatedly pressing the space bar, it will not work. What you need to do is to type the following special character (this will have to be a graphic image, otherwise, it will be invisible to you):

special HTML character for non-breaking space

Of course, if you want more space, all you need to do is to copy-paste. Do that as often as you want extra space.

Note: The code is easy to remember because nbsp is short for Non-Breaking SPace


  1. Hi, Mr. Chen

    I am a new visitor to your site and am impressed with the depth and usefullness of the information you post.

    I would like to upgrade my skills in blogging as I am a new blogger. I would appreciate your advice.

    PS: Your contact page, for some reason does seem to work.



  2. Hi Father Sez,

    Fortunately I quickly changed the wrongly x back to the correct z, but I suppose who can be a father without that Sez (with z replaced by x).

    Thanks for the alert. It was a normal mailto: hyperlink which robot email harvester can use to harvest email address for spam and changed to a contact form. Looks like there is some problems with that provider. I will check and then decide what to do. This is what happen when you stop using standard HTML which will never give trouble to products provided by third parties for you then depend on the third party.

    Peter GREATFUL Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  3. This post (adding space into a post in blog) was of real use to me. Though I searched for some time with Google, it is only in your blog that I found the solution to my problem. I tried it and it works wonderfully

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Glad the post helped you. BTW I have updated the post to help visitors remember the code: nbsp is short for Non-Breaking SPace.

    Peter @ Enviroman (Blog*Star)
    Follow me at Twitter @enviroman

  5. Peter:

    That was a great tip. I was always wondering of a fix with spaces. Take care.

  6. Glad I found this post. I have a problem. When I write a post in my blogger blog I get all these spaces ( ) in between my words. It is such a pain. I end up switching to html and then deleting them one by one, which is so time consuming. How do I change my settings in blogger so I don't need to go through this everytime I write a post? Or what am I doing wrong? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Digna

  7. Sounds like while others are complaining that where they want space they don't get it, but your problem is different? Let us have some screen shot to get a better idea of your problem

  8. This doesn't work for me. When I navigate between compose and "Edit html" tabs, it removes the nbsp code and puts in spaces. So in other words, when I do what you write, I get the following:

    begin end

    There is no extra space in-between them. I've been searching for a solution to this problem. You post is directed to the problem I have, but it doesn't work.

  9. You mentioned switching between HTML and COMPOSE modes which can cause unpredictable results so just stick to EDIT HTML mode. Let me know if that helps.

    1. Per Autumn Blues Review's question, we are getting the same ever-growing spaces when we edit posts. You say switching between HTML and COMPOSE modes can cause unpredictable results. Well, we use Blogger because we don't know HTML, and the only reason we are switching to HTML mode is to try to figure out how to deal with all this extra space!

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Without actually doing a post, cannot comment on why you are getting all those extra space.

    I would encourage you to pick up some HTML as even a little can go a long way to improving what you can do with blogs. I am thinking of starting a series of posts for newbies to learn the elementary HTML. Maybe I should actually do it rather than just thinking of it.

  11. Anonymous3:28 AM

    thank you for your post. worked for me too.

  12. Hi Admin,
    Can u tell me how to Give Custom space in every post as a common thing as i post new posts to my blog.
    means in that space i will place add url.
    no need adding ad code to each post. i want to add it once,but it should appear in every post as a default thing.
    for this where should i need modify the code.

    this is my
    send me procedure to my mail

  13. Anonymous3:55 PM

    ah thanks my bogs codding was getting filled up with this strange code and was wondering what was going on. I tend to use word pad and tehn coppy paste. Both were causaing problems. Boou word pad can be teh death of your blog and this little code was not helping @_@ yi yi give me streight up html, css, and java nay day this blog code is a weird cettle of fish by far.


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