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Friday, March 14, 2008

SEO (search engine optimization) for blogs

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what one do to try to increase the traffic (visitors) to a blog or website. It can be on site SEO (done in the blog or website with proper use if keywords, placement of keywords (many says it is best to put the more important keywords near the beginning and end of a post or page), incorporating keywords in the blog or website URL and also the blog title and post titles (permalink). Off site SEO does not involve the blog or website itself. SEO practitioners try to get as many inboud links (links pointing to the blog or website) as possible, thus increasing link popularity, PageRank, search engine visibility, etc.

Getting more traffic can also be divided into 2 - organic (free via search engines and inbound links) and inorganic (you will have to pay for the extra traffic by advertising either online or offline). Many uses online advertisements using the most cost effective way - Google AdWords which you can get via the text link that says "Increase traffic to your website. Get Google AdWords" at the top of the right sidebar of Computers, Internet and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) near the bottom of the right sidebar.

Now you as a blogger can either try to do the Search Engine Optimization yourself or get one of the resellers of private label search engine optimimization to do it yourself.

In fact, they also offers Blog Marketing and especially if you are a content publisher who earns from advertising or have a business blog, you may be willing to pay for such professional services in the hope that what you earn back from increased traffic is more than what you have to pay out. For the owners of such blogs, they may think of search engine optimization for ecommerce

Or perhaps you have a blog like Guide to United States of America, you might be interested in San Diego search engine optimization as San Diego is the United States of America.


  1. Peter,
    I am sorry if you have this message from me more than once. I wasn't sure where I originally posted it on your that made it difficult to follow up. I believe I sent it to a gmail account as well. I assumed if I posted here on the most recent post it would be easier for me to find...even though this is not relevant to this post directly. Again I apologize if I've been repetetive.
    Great site. Very informative. I only wish I would have found it prior to
    accidentally deleting my entire blog with around 600 posts. It is a terrible
    shame as my lil blog was my lively-hood. I have attempted every avenue I could
    find to contact blogger as of yet that attempt has been futile. No response
    whatsoever from any avenue. I have gone through some of the different
    procedures found on your site. I've filled out many of their lil help forms in
    various areas throughout the help sections. I've posted on the help group
    areas...I've sent emails to support@, I've also included lil' notes in the *why
    didn't this answer your question* fields.
    I see from your site some people have had success in retrieving there deleted
    blogs from blogger...however; in perusing the net this I find that this is a
    rare occurrence. I hope they end up helping me. In any event Peter, I was
    reading your post on deleted blogs and utilizing the cached pages and source
    codes. I am at my wits end and feel that may be my only I am going to attempt it. I believe however that I need
    further assistance as I am not quite sure I understand the process exactly. I
    have a copy of my original template saved on my the template itself
    is not an issue. I just don't want to lose my hundreds of posts. I am not sure
    when I view the code..what code it is that I need and subsequently where I need
    to put it once I have it.

    Peter any help would be and will be greatly greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Sheridan B Folger

  2. Hey Peter Have not heard back from you....I have some questions for you. I would like to put tabs on my blog NanoGeekTech
    For example: Technology, Science and Gaming. How can I do this?

    I have tried to used some Web 2.0 blogger templates but have been unsuccessful. It keeps on saying that "html" is not closed properly.

    I also read on Google Webmaster that by having too many scripts/iframes can slow down how bots crawl your site which can hinder your search results. The key for SEO is acquiring popular sites to link to you.

    thank you in advance.

  3. Hi NanoGeek,

    You may want to try my simple method Menu bar (tabs) for blog Header. It is not very fanciful or very nice, but perhaps you can add background color to it etc.

    Or if you are interested in template with ready made menu bar (tabs) like Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_ (if if opening that blog is slow and let me have some feedback), just hurry me to do a write up.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  4. Hi MAD,

    Using search engines cached copies of your blog is not going to help you with 600 posts, especially old ones. I am sorry your only recourse is Blogger support. There is no longer any point in trying to email
    support at blogger dot com

    Did you read the latest update at

    How to contact Blogger support

    How to contact Blogger support (old post)

    I know it is frustrating, but you should take comfort that Blogger have stored all your old posts and reserved your blog URL for you to reclaim. Just keep on trying plus post to the Google Blogger Help group.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  5. Peter, I'm at my wit's end. I have two blogs, one personal opened several months ago, the other business, opened last week. My personal posts turn up on searches, but my business posts do not.
    Any suggestions?

  6. Patience plus try to get active links to your business blog in as many blogs/websites as possible, including your personal blog.

  7. Peter, your comments about patience and getting the word out are very true. I invited clients to search for the blog on Google and posted the blog in other spots. We're now being picked up regularly in news related to our business.Google searches are now regularly pointing to us.
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Thanks for your information. museum exhibit

  9. Thanks for sharing... The majority of people don't even know what Search engine optimisation is and they think Google somehow just knows what the most important results for their searches are. SEO is a fairly young industry and not everyone is hip to optimization techniques, but considering the reach and importance of the internet to young, vocal, passionate voters, writers and opinion leaders, one would think the masterminds behind these multi-million dollar marketing schemes campaigns would know of and appreciate the importance of search marketing. Visit Internet marketing UK for more information.

  10. Nice Posting, I like your way of presentation.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an heart & soul for the success of your website to make your website visible on search engines. If your website is on top of search engines, it means you can be easily found a lot of traffic to boost up your ranking.

    SEO India

  11. I agree Wildnet! SEO definitely is a very important aspect of any website.

  12. I read many articles about SEO, but honestly never seen a great article about SEO.
    Cameras Digitais

  13. Dear Peter Chen i must say i am big fan you i am very much impressed with your work and i started blogging because of you but the problem is that after so long time i still did not have enough visitor on my blog kindly see my blog and tell me what i am missing.

  14. hi Peter Chen its me again one other thing that i want to know can we install scripts in blogger as we do in our purchased sites if we cant then is there any other why we can do this i Google for this but did not get satisfying material on the web. Thanks in advance

  15. peter!! you did not replayed my comment i will never visit your blog again ever!!!!!!!!!!! if you reply my comment inform me on my email or if you did not reply i will never come to this blog ever even not by mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science and art of making websites be found on top of the major search engines for the relevant keywords.

  17. It seems that everyone who interacts online is aware of SEO and the importance, especially within issues such as local search. It is convincing the site and business owner of this importance!

  18. Zameer what script do you want to install?


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