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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get back blog accidentally deleted,

How to get back a blog which had been accidentally deleted

This is another problem because the "Save Settings"

Blogger save settings button in Settings > Basic (default)

are so close to each other and it is understandable why sometimes careless bloggers accidentally click on the wrong button.

Blogger delete this blog button

Some reassurance about deleted blogs

Previously, when a blog is deleted, the blog URL is released to others to grab. In the past this had led spammers to grab the blog URL to take advantage of its history, that it had already been indexed by search engines and also probably because the blog also have respectable Google PageRank. In fact, many suspect these spammers have robotic programs to grab a blog URL the moment it got release to everyone. The blogs they set up are referred to as spam blogs or splogs.

The old advice was Why you should not delete your blog or change its URL (click BACK button to get back to this page). This no longer apply to blogs you delete yourself as they are reserved for you to claim back later. However, it is still applicable if you change the blog URL as then, the blog URL is open to everyone to grab, including spammers, and if you have been giving the blog URL to family, friends, colleagues, etc., it can be very embarrassing if the spammers put pornographic material into the blog as that blog is still associated to you in their mind.

How to get accidentally deleted blogs back

The first step should be to try to contact Blogger Support (click BACK button to get back to this page). There is another old post Contact Blogger Support old post. Both had to be edited many times as Blogger Support keep changing the goal post.

The latest is that you should only contact Blogger Support regarding for account or TOS-related issues. Wonder if deleted blog is included in these issues. Will try to find out.

For other problems, and probably also for deleted blogs which you want to claim back, post your problems to Google Blogger Help group. Try to catch the attention of one of the Blogger Employees and if they see your appeal for help, they can help you get your blog back. Remember to give your blog URL. See Asking for help: Some advice (click BACK button to get back to this page).


  1. Thankyou !!! So Much !!!

    Well I really liked this trick !!!
    You certainly helped me a lot !!!
    You are really a knowledge Person !!!
    Please keep it up !!!
    Thanks Again !!


    Computer Tricks

  2. Thanks, I needed that

  3. can u tel me how to get back deleted comments in my blog?

  4. google team has deleted my blog due to violations now how can i get back my blog.plz help me

  5. Post your problem over at Blogger Help Forum and come back here to give us the URL of the thread.

  6. There are some bloggers, particularly those who post offensive content or presumably defamatory content, who later delete their posts or parts of them. Is there any form to obtain the parts they deleted?

  7. You can try to find a cached copy in the search engine or way back machine. See How to Recover deleted post

  8. ok so i accidentally deleted my amazing blog, just bc it was originally under an email address that was old. my google+ acct was under my old yahoo acct so i deleted the old account and started it under my gmail account not thinking that my blog was linked! how can i get it back!!? that was my precious.. :*(


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