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Monday, February 18, 2008

Update: Why use plain narrow template for my blog

I have previously explained why my main blogs are so plain (no graphics) and narrow with "wasted blank space" on both sides if viewed with large screen at Why I use this plain (Minima) template for my main blogs (click BACK button to get back to this page) where I pointed (linked) to a big news website (BBC news) which will have large "wasted blank space" on the right side. Today, while examining Alexa statistics for one of my blogs, I saw a link (tab) "Blog", clicked on it, and ended up at Alexa - Web Discovery. Although it is not stated that the blog is an official Alexa blog, the fact I got to that blog, the blog is very frequently updated with content only those very familiar with Alexa will be able to do plus the first of a few contributors I see is Geoffrey Mack, an Alexa Product Manager. That blog use the 2 column standard Blogger Minima template while this blog uses the same plain template but modified to 3 columns. So even large corporations like Alexa uses such template, and these people are web experts. Gives me extra reason to stick to such templates despite a comment by a visitor as to why I continue to use such plain template and asked isn't it time to change to something more fanciful. Note: Alexa had been bought over by the giant Amazon which is feeding on Google Blogger generosity. When I get time to make a post about why I don't migrate to Wordpress but is sticking with Google Blogger, I am going to mention this, even a subsidiary of the giant Amazon uses the free for their official blog.


  1. your really of a big help.
    i still find your blog good despite the simple template. hope you can help how to drive traffic on my blog

  2. i have problem with my themes. I was edited it last week, i add manually 3 column to this template, and it's run successfully.

    no... no... no... it's not 100% successfully as I say before, my blog now have 3 column, but the placement and the width/height/pixel is not configure correctly.

    if you have time, can you help me to improve this by login into my blog. If you interest by my announcement, please send feedback on my email at:

    my blog can you visit over here:

    sorry with my bad english, if you can speak Malay, let's use Malay. Bahasa Malaysia


  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I am hoping you can help me. For some reason my date header and post title have switched. You can see what I mean here:

    What did I do? How do I fix this?

  4. For Keith,

    For getting more traffic, some of the posts in Blogger FAQ for increasing traffic (visitors) and Blogger FAQ for making more money online. The second one may have relevance because usually earning = traffic. No traffic = $0. More traffic = more $

    Peter Blog*Star
    Environmental blog: Enviroman Says

  5. For troublemaker,

    Most of the time, my readers just read the instructions and DIY. There have been a few cases where I actually do it for them, but then they pay me for my time and effort. I am sure you wouldn't want that.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Google AdSense

  6. For DesignBySummer,

    I am sorry about the switch. I will see if I can find some information on it. Remind me if I forget.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  7. Hi all,
    How do I get rid of the unused space left and right of my two columns for posts without changing my template to a 3-column one? I just want to use more of that free space for posting or to make the gadgets in the right column bigger...
    Thanks for helping!
    Cheers, clemens

  8. Hi Clemens,

    I hoped you read my notes about the so called "wasted" or unused space.
    They are there for a reason. They are only unused space for large screen visitors. Anyway, I myself have upgraded my template from 3 column Minima template designed for the lowest denominator of 800x600px screen resolution to 4 column Minima template designed for the wider 1024x768px screen resolution because less visitors now have the narrower screen.

    Anyway if you want to changed the widths without changing your template, please refer to changing widths. I would advise first checking the demography of your visitors first so that you can change the widths to cater to the vast majority of your visitors.


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