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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Searching for blogs by topics or subjects

I have previously published Technorati blog search engine and blog ranking website but a more comprehensive post need to be published. We will discuss the possibilities one by one:

Blogger Profile's Interests and Favorites

You can add your interests and favorites in various fields when editing your Blogger Profile (if you don't know how to do this, you will have to commend and ask for help). The interests and favorites you add become active links when you or anyone view the profile. Check Peter Chen's Profile, for example. To show exactly what I am talking about, below is a screenshot of the "Interest section" of my Profile (note that the screenshot below is an image and therefore the links you see there will result in surfing to the web page just containing the screenshot):

Blogger Profile Interests (favorites)

While the links, "blogging", in Peter Chen's Profile for example, if you click on it, will lead you to a page containing all the bloggers using the Google Blogger blogging platform or those whose interests include blogging, and you can click on a chosen profile and see the blog or list of blogs that that blogger has.

Blog search engines

Google blog search engine

Google introduced the Google blog search engine not too long ago. As I have no time to try it out, I will greatly appreciate feedback from those who have or intend to try out this Google blog search engine by commenting and letting us know of your experience.

UPDATE 24 February 2008: Received news that Google blog search engine returns not only blogs, but ordinary websites. The team that is working on Google blog search has been informed and is working on it. I have not tested it but if you have, will greatly you letting us know of your experience by leaving a comment.

Yahoo blog search

People are really taking notice of blogs. Google is not the only giant that has introduced a specialized search engine for blogs. Yahoo has also came up with its own Yahoo blog search engine which is different from the very basic and plain Google blog search engine, which is rather like the standard Google general Web search engine. The Yahoo blog search engine has in addition to the search box at the top left corner of the page, also have frequently updated posts on topics of interest to bloggers. It is more like a blog cum blog search engine. and like above and the rest below, I will greatly appreciate feedback from those who have or intend to try these blog search engines by leaving a comment or comments.

Blogs Search Engine

You can also try Blog Search Engine.

Blog Search blog directory

Blog search blog directory is almost like the Yahoo blog search engine in that it is a blog search engine cum blog categories where blogs are classified according to various topics like "family", "politics", etc.

Bloggernity Search Engine Directory

Bloggernity Search Engine Directory is another blog search engine cum blog directory.

BlogDigger blog search engine

BlogDigger blog search engine is rather like Google blog search engine except that in this case, you can download and install their BlogDigger toolbar into your Web browsers and search for blogs direct from the toolbar in the Web browser. I have too many toolbars and I don't think I will ever add one more toolbar to any of my Web browsers.

In addition to the above, BlogDigger blog search engine also have a tab LINKS to get to a page where you can find which website is linking to your blog or any other websites. However, the last time I search for back links to my popular blogs, it turned up no result. There are also tabs for MEDIA, GROUPS and LOCAL, the last I supposed, is to search for blogs of bloggers in specific localities. I am not too impressed by these new features, but you may have a better experience.


BlogPulse is another blog search engine cum other things. Among the "other things" are TREND SEARCH where you can create your own graphs plotting blog buzz for certain search terms. A trend search for "Blogger", for example, turned up the graph below:

blog trend chart

A trend chart like this may be useful, for example, to show a particular topic is quickly becoming a hot topic and you may want to capitalize on that by blogging more on that topic.

There are other things you may want to explore, but perhaps want to mention just one. One of my most popular posts which as of 23 February 2008, attracted 79 comments. BlogPulse has a Conversion tracker where you input a search term or a post post URL (permalink) (or "seed") and you can track blogs where other bloggers link to it, the original post. From those seeds sprout other links, and so and so on, until it creates an entire conversation. Unfortunately the maximum depth of the tree is only 3, so I found only 3 links to that post, one of which was Like my favicon?. The other 2 were non-English blog, but what warmed my heart were some comments about my post. Example: "And there, in words of one syllable and with clear step by step instructions, I discovered how and succeeded in adding my favicon using My Favatar.
And it really was quite easy! I could see that the post has been updated several times with additional information, and was cheered to see that the final amendment was the idiot proof, step by step instructions in words of one syllable that I needed - so I'm not the only one who sometimes needs a bit of 'intervention support' ;o"."

Ice Rocket blog search engine

Ice Rocket blog search engine like many others, have additional features which I have no time to explore, but there is a box for you to submit your blog to Ice Rocket blog search engine and I think it is a good thing for you to do that.

Read a Blog search engine

Looks like every blog search engines want to make their search engine slightly different from the other, and Read a Blog search engine is no exception. Below the blog search box will be categories listing "New blogs", "Most popular", and I don't know if I would have included this if it had been my blog search engine - "Recently view". Below that are keywords used for searches which are links to the blog search engine result page. I am now going to coin a new acronym - BSERP which stand for "blog search engine result page". Now if ever this new acronym ever catches on, I hope they remember to credit it to its creator - Peter Chen of Blogger Tips and Tricks


  1. I've just recently started serarching for blogs containing specific content and found it to be extremely time-consuming. Over the past week, I found your blog and appreciate the links to places that will assist in saving me time and frustration!

    I also ran across a software that lets me search one or several types of blogs at a time, based on the specific keywords I enter. It's great to know there are so many useful tools to assist in sorting through the huge number of blogging sites that are out there nowadays!

    Debi Jones

  2. Hi Service.....above and beyond!,

    Thanks for the heart-warming feedback. Regarding that software, will greatly appreciate if you let us know what software it is and where to get it. With that, at least I can inform my readers of such a software although I am unlikely to install it myself. It gives readers more choices.

    I also noticed that the blog URL you have in your signature line is not active (clickable). That is not good for you. See Delete "nofollow" attribute for comments to improve link popularity and PageRank and to encourage comments.

    See also Make active (clickable) links in posts and comments.

    Apologies if you already knows this.

    Peter Blog*Star
    What a grateful blogger did for me
    (no one should feel obligated. Everything completely voluntary. However, by doing so, you may also help your visitors find helpful information and help. You may even pick up various ways of linking sites there too)

  3. Your site is really very helpful, so I added it to my blog list. My sister is also a newbie when it comes to blogging, so this will help us a lot. Thanks!


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