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Monday, February 11, 2008

Green Bloggercon 2008, United States of America

Bloggers conferences, forums, exhibitions

Unfortunately for us non-US residents, most of the bloggers related events are held in the United States of America. My first blog was an Environmental blog: Enviroman Says and if it is practical, I would love to go for this event:

Green Bloggercon 2008
May 16th Chicago, Illinois

It will be a conference for green bloggers, by green bloggers. Not only that, it will be conveniently sandwiched between two environmental events, the Green Business Conferences and the Chicago Green Festival from May 17 to 18, 2008.

Vacation rentals

Obviously, if I ever get the means to attend, I will be a sojourner and I will need to rent temporary accommodation. That can be done online via vacation rentals and what I found there is the Chicago guest house:
Now if I ever find the means to afford the expenses of flying half way round the globe plus take care of my living expenses (including food and lodging plus internal transport), it would be a sheer waste just confining myself to the Chicago area.

Traveling around the United States of America

The last time I was in the United States, I think around the early 80s, I moved around the California, Arizona and Nevada area on some kind of season Greyhound bus ticket. There are also other cheap ways of traveling around United States including flying standby. With these possibilities, the whole of the United States is open for me to travel on a budget. I can go to Florida which is world famous for its theme parks and other great tourist destinations. I can get sojourner accommodation which could be found at Florida vacation rental. I have never been to Florida and it should be a great place to visit.

On the other hand, I may want to relive sweet memories and cross this great continent to the other side of the coast and visit the beautiful Lake Tahoe. For this area, online accommodation booking is also available from Lake Tahoe vacation rental. Just wondering how we managed without the Internet in the bad old days.

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