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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Earn with blogs

Why people blog

Blogs are created for various reasons. Some are created as a result of an itchy mouth like
(My first grandchild)

which resulted from a simple question when my daughter gave me the CD containing the nuchal scan of her unborn baby, my first grandchild: "Why don't you put it on the Web?". She retorted: "Why don't YOU do it?".

Some created blogs to help spread environmental awareness like
(Environmental blog: Enviroman Says)

Some are health related blogs like
(original blog title "Food as Medicine" changed to "Natural Remedies"
(Health is wealth)

Some are personal blogs like
(Lewis Chew, the youngest "blogger" in the world)

which happened to be another blog created because of an itchy mouth, a consequence of a question: "What am I going to do with this blog if and when I get a second grandchild?". Some like this blog, which was almost abandoned,
("Blogger for Dummies" changed to Dummies Guide to Blogger)
(ask me why if you are the curious type) and sort of replaced by my main blog
(Blogger Tips and Tricks).

However, a lot of time and efforts goes into the above blog, highly interactive and lots of comments plus lots of inbound link has only a PageRank of 4 compared with the less active, less inbound links original blog which was almost abandoned, have a higher PageRank of 6. If anyone can explain this situation to me by leaving a comment, it will be highly appreciated. Plus note that the "nofollow" attribute had been removed so that active links in the comments will be followed by search engine and will help your blog, so you are highly encourage to post comments, but please no spam.

Get paid to blog

I am also a pensioner who still have to support a college going son (used to be 2) through college on my pension. I need to supplement my pension desperately. So what did I do? I started a blog and applied for a Google AdSense account
(Sign up for Google AdSense account).

I provide good content and Google AdSense provide RELEVANT ads (relevance is important). It is a win-win situation and that helped me put 2 sons through college on my pension supplemented from being a content publisher.

However, there are other ways to get paid to blog. Smorty is a website which helps bring together advertisers with bloggers. It looks like a good alternative to try out as even after my son graduate from college, there are still other considerations which require me to get income in addition to my pension. It is very difficult for people of my race in my country to get into the public universities where fees are subsidized and low. Further, flawed policies have caused what used to be a very good educational system to become an educational system where the non-dominant races don't enroll their children in the national schools anymore. Our public universities are poor shadows of the past. None of our universities made in into the top 200 of any of the university ranking systems. Many graduates from the public universities are unemployed and many says, unemployable. Many parents are forced to send their children overseas for their education, some at very tender age. Education is therefore very expensive for us, and if the situation does not change for the better, that will be the kind of situation my grandson and soon another grandchild, will face in the future. We have to build up a nest egg for that eventuality. Smorty will likely to be that additional avenue to help build that nest egg.

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