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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Essential tools for bloggers

Depending on the topic you blog on, the tools you need will vary. One thing you just cannot do without - a computer.

Computer for bloggers

What kind of computer will also vary depending on your preferences and habits. For me, I do very heavy multi-tasking. Now when I look at my task bar, I see 3 browsers (that is few because it is not infrequent I have 6 browsers) opened with multiple tabs, 2 Excel files, 9 Notepad files and my favorite photo editor, the free Irfanview photo editor. Today is my less busy day and that is considered light multi-tasking. In any case, when my son saw the way I used my old computer, he suggested getting a Core-2 processor computer which he says is better for multi-tasking, and I think he was right. Previously, frequently the computer hang on me, forcing me to either shut down from Task Management (ctrl+alt+delete) or if that failed, I have to keep my finger pressed for a long period of time on the start button of the computer. What do they call that? I think there is a name for that but my 59 year old natural computer have stored in a a place I cannot retrieve at the moment. Now that is no more with my new Core-2 processor computer. Now he is suggesting I get a 4 core (or quad core?) processor computer. Maybe he is eyeing my current Core-2 processor computer. Wait till I get rich.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a new computer for your blogging task, perhaps you should consider Coupon Chief as they have a section Computers and software category.

Computer accessories for bloggers

A computer is only a basic to start off. Dell computers may be one source you may want to consider. You will find discounts like "$230 off" and "50% off", etc.

In truth, once you have set up your blog and if you are satisfied with not too fanciful posts, you can actually continue to blog from a suitable hand phone. But for me, I need computer accessories. Most people think Dell sells only Dell computers, but if you check the above website, you will find stuff like Canon Powershot digital camera, wireless headphone system (at time of publishing) etc.

Less well known source include and many others. There you wouldn't see discounts but things like "special offers", "free shipping", "flexible financing", etc. Go check for yourself.


  1. 2 questions.. how do I get my "cagegory" to look you yours, and how do I get a photo as the background for my blog page??

  2. "how do I get my "cagegory" to look you yours". Hard work. Manual. No time to update anymore when new labels (categories) added:
    Categories easy method
    For summary:
    Categories step-by-step.

    There are easier ways now. Pester me if you want to know.

    "how do I get a photo as the background for my blog page"

    Background image for blog.
    Written for old classic template but I believe will still work for New Blogger template. Please be careful with choice of photo or you will end up with unreadable text, etc. plus if you try it with New Blogger template, feedback highly appreciated (in fact, compulsory).

    Peter Blog*Star
    Earn with blogs


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