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Friday, December 14, 2007

Business Blog: Online Pharmacy

Sometimes bloggers request help for setting up online business with minimal expenses. It is possible to make money online by setting up business blogs. A good example will be Good Pharmacy Online. It is planned, among others as an affiliate for Online Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service.

When you set up a business blog, you should pay particular attention to the template such as things like having a fast page loading time. If a page takes too long to download, visitors will just surf away to another site. It should also have a navigation bar to assist in getting around the website easily and finding the information they are seeking. This business blog uses a sub-domain of Blogger, that is, its URL is something like Registering your own domain that have a URL that is something like may command more respect and may be more suitable for a business blog. Good Pharmacy Online may be converted to a New Blogger custom domain, which will use a similar URL minus the soon. However, even after conversion to use own domain, the original blogspot blog URL will automatically redirect all visitors to the new (own) domain. I will post more about this, how to do it in the easiest and best way possible hope I will remember to update this post with a link to the new post about using custom domains. In the meantime, you may read about the Advantages of New Blogger custom domain (click BACK button to get back to this page).

If you would like to set up something like this, you may contact

to discuss the possibilities.

The Good Pharmacy Online currently have been set up to assist online purchase of medications like acne medications. It has just been recently set up and currently you will not see much there, but now mainly set up for demonstration, but it will be updated and improved slowly as one don't want to set up the whole thing all at once. If you do that, and then just leave it without updating, as time goes by, the search engines will start ignoring (or ranking lower) your website. I think it is better to go slowly, update it frequently. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated.

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  1. Hi Peter,good reading and interesting points made by yourself about google blogger.
    Graham -


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