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Friday, December 07, 2007

All about graphic Header for your blog, also grahic post title

I get lots of questions about graphic Headers for blogs as bloggers seem to like graphic (image) instead of plain text blog Header. Here is where I put links to all posts connected to graphic blog Header and also one on graphic post title.

Whatever it is, I for one is very reluctant to delete a text Blog title as to me, it is very important from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as search engines uses the text blog Header to try to figure out what your blog is all about and can help surfers searching for topics you put in your blog find your blog. I for one will never remove the text blog Header, but will find other means to add a graphic blog Header.

Posts related to graphic blog Header

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Active (hyperlink or clickable blog Header (click BACK button to get back to this page)

Graphic post title

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  1. Peter,
    I have been searching your blog for 2 hours now in the hopes of finding what I'm looking for, but unless it's buried, I can't find it. I'd like to know how to move a blog title in the header just a little lower down - so it's at the bottom of my graphic, instead of the top. Please help!!!

  2. Sorry don't fully understand your problem.

    Would this add graphic to blog header be what you are looking for?

  3. Great information ,i use your blog to help new Bloggers. Thankk you!

  4. do you know how to movie the blog title to the left?
    because i have a graphic but i need it on the left, not the center! (: Please help!!

  5. Hi, I tried to search within your blog but I am not sure if I am doing the right search. I am actually wanted to include a photo within a text gadget. Am I able to do so? I intend to put a announcement in my blog after the welcome text, but the announcement is above all my latest posts. Thus, my thought is the announcement is without the date/time of when I insert the post? can I do that? my blog is If you visit my blog site, I want something between welcome and Dec 11, 2009 latest post.

  6. I,m sure you are right. Plain text title is very important for websites.

  7. Yes if you value good search engine ranking and getting visitors. The only reason I would opt for graphic title is when I value appearance more and don't care about search engine ranking.

  8. Hi Peter! I love your blog it's so useful, but I wanted to can I create a graphic header? All the info in the web suggests photoshop but I don't have a clue how to use it! I've honestly sat for ages trying to figure it out with no joy! There must be an easier way surely? Thanks

  9. Hi Bokusouchi,

    I will write a post on how to create graphic header in May and hope you can wait. It is the time again for filing our income tax return and I need to get that done before I work on the post.

  10. For Little Red Riding Hood, if you want to include a photo in a gadget, you can't use a text gadget. You must use a Javascript/HTML gadget and then display your picture with a <img src="picture URL" /> HTML image tag.


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