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Friday, November 02, 2007

Page Source: How and why

A blogger asked, so here is the answer.

How to view page source (source code of a web page

This part is easy.

FireFox browser

For FireFox browser, my favorite browser, at the top of the browser, click on VIEW > PAGE SOURCE in the menu bar. To make this clearer, see screenshot below:

Firefox browser view page source

When you click "Page source", a new window will open with the source code used to display that web page. Actuall, the option says "Page source ctrl+U" which tells us that there is a keyboard short-cut. When you press the control plus U keys simultaneously, you will get the same result, but I prefer the above.

Internet Explorer browser

For Internet Explorer, it is VIEW > SOURCE but in the case, the source code is in a Notepad file. In this case, there is no keyboard short-cut. See screenshot for clearer picture:

Internet Explorer view page source

Flock browser

Same as for FireFox browser. Not surprising as Flock is based on Mozilla FireFox.

Opera browser

For Opera browser, it is VIEW > SOURCE from the menu bar or ctrl+F3 (keyboard). Page Source code will open in new tab or window depending on your settings. See screenshot below:

Opera browser view page source code

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