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Monday, November 12, 2007

Homepage, archive pages and individual post pages (permalinks) of a blog

Responding to a blogger question "What is a homepage?"

The homepage (index or main page) of this blog is Dummies Guide to Blogger (click BACK button to get back to this page) and a surfer will get to the homepage by clicking on the above link or by typing or copy pasting the blog URL of this blog which is

into the address bar of a web browser like FireFox, my favorite web browser, Internet Explorer, Opera, Flock, etc., and pressing the ENTER key.

What is displayed in the homepage of a blog is a number of the most recent posts (Blogger display the latest posts first and this chronological order cannot be changed to display the oldest posts first, but can be done with other blogging platforms). Then number of the most recent posts displayed in main page is by default 7 posts, but can be changed. See Changing settings of New Blogger blog.

The characteristics of a blog (or weblog) is the existence of the main page, the archive pages and the individual post page of a post (permalink). You can click on the archive of any particular month in the ARCHIVES in the right sidebar to see all the posts published in that month.

The individual post page or permalink is a web page that has only a single particular post. Click on the link to see an example of an individual post page (permalink) which hopefully I have somemore information on permalinks:

How to make permalink more prominent.

The URL of that individual post page or permalink which is about permalinks is given in the scroll box below:

That post originally exists in 3 separate pages - the main page, the archive page of that current month during which the post was published, as well as its individual post paage (permalink). As you continue to publish new posts, they will displace the older posts from the main page until they no longer exist on the main page, but only in an archive page (of the month it was published) and the individual post page of the post. Hopefully this post will make clear to you what are the characteristics of a blog or web log.


  1. hello..can i ask u?
    how to make page under maintenance in blogspot?
    because i have found only under maintenance for Wordpress
    Can u help me?
    i really appreciate it

  2. There is no "under maintenance" in Blogger, perhaps you can set the homepage to display only 1 post and that 1 post only has the wordings "Under Construction" or "Under Maintenance"


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