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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Haloscan commenting system: Problems

I used the Haloscan commenting system in one of my blogs Natural Remedies because someone asked and I need to get some experience so that I can respond. However, I have been having problems because I set the comments for moderation, but each time I get an email notification, click on the link, I get to a page to post a comment. This has been going on for some time, but I got another 3 Haloscan comments to approve. This is the last straw, and I will have to take time off from my other tasks to take care of this one first.

Maybe it is because I am quite satisfied with the Blogger commenting system and don't care so much for the Haloscan system, and probably there is something I don't know. If any of you happen to be using Haloscan system, and you can provide some useful feedback, will highly appreciate you leaving them in the comments (Blogger commenting system for this blog).

Meantime, I will just show what is the problem I am facing. I get an email from Haloscan:

New comments have been posted to your account. To manage these posts

XXXXXX (****** wrote the following:
Thanks for Papaya Tips.

I have Posted a comments It was not published yet.

This comment is awaiting moderation

To unsubscribe from these email notifications, click the following

The HaloScan Team

I click on the link to approve, and this is what I see:

Haloscan comment moderation problem

This is for me to post a comment, not to approve or reject a comment!!! I don't have much time to go learn how Haloscan commenting system works, so I give up. If you have some good tips, please leave them in the comments (Bloger, not Haloscan). Will be highly appreciated by me plus this blog readers.


  1. for example, this website -- (just an illustration of my wanting design).

    Just how to get everything to the center. Thanks uncle.

  2. Hi Johnson,

    What do you want to illustrate for that sit?

    1. From page source, don't seem to be a blog

    2. the site is just like this blog when viewed with my screen. Empty space on both sides of the content. Your earlier question was about aligning the content? to the left?

    3. Or is it the article you want me to read?

    Peter Blog*Star
    Tips and Tricks for Blogger or "Son of Blogger Tips and Tricks" slotted for conversion to custom domain

  3. erm.. if you view my blog, in certain monitor screen, my blog tend to align more to the left. Not centered. I gues my page source has something goes wrong.
    That's the problem.

  4. Hi Johnson,

    You said first link only illustration, not your blog. So without URL, I can't tell.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Tips and Tricks for Blogger or "Son of Blogger Tips and Tricks" slotted for conversion to custom domain

  5. An Johnson,

    Very sorry your first comment have to be deleted because of long unbroken line (not active URL). Can cause problem for me. To make active link, see Make active links in posts and comments.

    Concerned Malaysian Blog*Star
    Blog for Positive Changes
    (not a "polical" but forced to become one because of circumstance

  6. Hi!

    HaloScan provides help for it's commenting system. Just email:


  7. I use Haloscan , it's not perfect but it's a lot better than blogger comments, more costomisation

  8. Hi Roy,

    Don't know about you. But I am going to change the demo blog back to Blogger commenting system.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  9. hello
    how to change the word 'said' when the commentors leave a comment?

  10. I checked the template and cannot find the word "said". Very likely that can only be changed by Blogger.

  11. hey. i hope you will read this... HOW can i change this page, this template used for comments page? this is default by blogger i want to change mine

  12. I have a question and not sure where to post it. I have asked blogger and have had no success. I can only comment on blogs that have a pop-up box. I cannot comment in an embedded box. I can writhe the message, but when I hit the submit button it does nothing. I do use firefox. I have windows vista. I have cleared cookies and cache, which is what i have read to do. Can you help please? Thanks in advance Teresa

  13. Teresa, I have reset comments in this blog to be embeded at the bottom of this post. See if you can submit a comment now. If you can't let me know via my contact form

  14. Let me try to publish a comment here


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