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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Does meta tags need to be closed? (or do meta tags occur in pairs?)

The majority of HTML tags occur in pairs, an opening tag and an closing tag. Example, the opening tag for an unordered list is <ul> will be followed by a list, and at the end of the list, you must have the closing tag </ul>.

However, some tags do not need a closing tag. Examples are the line break tag (to force a line break) <br /> and the image tag <img src="photo URL" />. These tags do not need a closing tag, but they have a space followed by a backslash / at the end.

Now do meta tag need a closing tag? Or putting it another way, does meta tags occur in pairs? Look at this PDF book:

In HTML, Meta Tag definitions do not need to be closed with </ (Added by author of this blog: I believe when is meant by </ is a closing tag </any closing tag>), however you should not include any line breaks in your declaration of the Meta Tag as this can cause your web page to be incorrectly read by the search engine spider programs.

So what the author of that PDF book is saying is meta tags do not need a closing tag. However, please not that there is a difference between HTML and the newer XHTML (we should all try to follow XHTML now). In HTML the <meta> tag has no end tag. In XHTML the <meta> tag must be properly closed by putting a space followed by a backslash /, that is <meta />. Note that if there are other attributes after meta, the space and backslash must come after all the attributes and should be at the end of the tag.


<meta name="keywords" content="blog, blogger, blogging, blogger tips, blogger tricks, Blogger templates, Google Blogger" />


<meta name="description" content="Google Blogger tutorials and useful information, tips and tricks for bloggers" />

My take on tag without a corresponding closing tag in XHTML kind of close itself by add a space followed by a backslah / at the end of the tag.


  1. uncle, its me johnson!

    Just finished my final exam. Great to be back in blogging now. Jsut wonder, my blogskin seems to be appear more to the left side,(View my blog to see it), and i couldn't figure out how to align it to the center. So tat i can have a proper center outlook. Can you help me in this?? thanks alot.

    Just reply in this commentm box, i will come back and read it.

  2. Hi Johnson,

    Tell me you got 20 A's when you get your results. Some templates are designed to be aligned left like Police arrest Hindraf legal advisor and BBC News.

    Are you viewing the above with a large screen? If so, like me, you will see a large blank space to the right. Does that irritate you? Try this:

    Type or copy-paste


    into your browser address bar (works with Mozila FireFox but not all browsers). Tell me what you see. You can also try the same thing with this blog or my other main blogs.

    You know why? I have Statcounter visitors counter in my blogs and knows how many % of my visitors uses small screen/resolution (800x600)

    The last time I checked, it ranges from 5 to 20% and just like and BBC News (very respectable news websites with expert IT people setting up the sites for them), we don't want to discourage visitors like this 5 - 20% from coming back if we use other templates where visitors with large screens see "irritating/wasted blank space". Small screens will still be with us for quite some time because there are people who hate to discard working stuff plus there are many laptops with small screens. And there are recyling campaings going on where discarded computer monitors are given to poor countries.

    I will like to show an example to demonstrate but now there is something waiting for me to do and if after my explanation, you still want to do something, comment again.

    BTW I am still waiting for those photos of that "ching" noodles in Carpenter Street plus a photo of the restaurant plus address and other interesting food we poor West Malaysians don't get to enjoy.

    But don't worry if you have been working very hard for your exams and now think you deserve a rest, just forget about it. My son-in-law comes from Kuching like you and my daughters will be going to Kuching soon. They try to persuade me to go, even offer to pay my plane ticket, but I have too many things to do. But they may be lousy photographers and I wouldn't be surprised if forgetful too because I have asked for photos from them which they still haven't given to me. Anyway having many photos is not going to kill me, so if you like "ching" noodles, I don't mind having many photos to keep and/or choose. But as I say, if you don't have time or not interested in "ching" noodles, don't worry.

    Concerned Malaysian Blog*Star
    Blog for Positive Changes
    (proud to be the only Malaysian Blog*Star among a small handful, most in US and 2 in Canada)

  3. Mr. Chen,
    You have once again saved my day. Thanks for your easy to follow, and CORRECT information! You rock.

  4. Anonymous5:09 AM


  5. hey

    how can i add tags like this web got

    This TAG help in SEO...
    plz help me..:)


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