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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How to get a good PageRank?

Yes, how can one go from no PageRank to a PageRank of 5? Before I answer that, for those who don't know, you can easily get the PageRank of a site: refer to How to get the PageRank of your blog or any other sites.


When a blog is first started, it is given no PageRank, not even zero. Keep writing good, useful and interesting content that surfers will like to read. That is number one. You have heard the phrase "Content is King".

Inbound links or backlinks

Get as many inbound links, also called backlinks (links on other sites that point to yours) as possible. When people find your blog useful or interesting, they will naturally want to link to your site without you even asking. Other ways are to submit to blog and other directories. One on the best directory to submit to is DMOZ (Open Directory Project), but it is not easy to get listed in DMOZ and usually takes a long time. Refer to DMOZ, the most important directory, and Blogger Tips and Tricks got listed without even submitting. It is more advantageous to you to get an inbound link from a site with a PageRank higher than yours.

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Blog and other directories

There are a whole bunch of blog directories you can submit to. You can find them by typing or copy-pasting "blog directory" into the search box above, tick WEB and search. Before you start submitting your blog, it is good to prepare a "Directory Submission File" (don't know what else to call it). Open a Notepad file, Type or copy-paste the URL of your blog into the file plus the blog title, a description of your blog. Prepare 2 - one long and one short. This is because some directory have a small characters limit on the description, some have bigger limit, and some may have none. Get ready also a list of keywords (tags) related to the content of your blog. These are the information normally requested by the blog directory you want to submit to, and you wouldn't want to keep repeating the same action over and over again. With this file, you just copy and paste.

Some directory require you to put a link to their site on your blog, others don't. If a directory require you to link them, you will have to decide whether you want to do that or not. Here is one very easy directory to get listed in with no requirement for a link back: My Blog Directory. Just go to the bottom of the directory and click "Add your blog", then follow the instructions.

Article Marketing

Write articles, submit to sites offering free articles for republishing. To find these sites, just type or copy-paste "copyright free articles" into the search box above, tick WEB and search. At the bottom of the article will normally be a paragraphs where you provide information about yourself and give the URLs of the site you want the people who republish your article to link to. In this way, you will get many inbound links (backlinks) because the condition for republishing the article is that the links must be made active. However, this will involve work on your part, but is is a one time thing.

Link Exchange

Some bloggers resort to link exchange with other blogs. You can request for link exchange on forums or emailing direct the owner of a site, or making a comment in the blog. Remember, however, links should preferably be from blogs that are relevant to the content of your blog. Most are of the opinions that this will help your PageRank, but there are some who think they may not be beneficial. What is without doubt, one way link more beneficial than a link exchange. One very important thing: DO NOT LINK TO SITE CONSIDERED BAD NEIGHBOURHOOD. Bad neighbourhoods are sites that use dubious SEO tactics (black hat SEO), such as hidden text (making text invisible by making the font color the same as the background) or link farms.

I myself do do link exchange and usually a request for a link exchange is politely turned down unless it is a link to a relevant and useful site.

Buy links

There are sites that offer to link you for money. Usually, the higher the PageRank of the site, the more it will cost you to purchase a link from that site. I do not know if sites that offers links for cash are considered link farms or not. I do not buy links.

Participate in forums

Participate actively in forums and leave a signature line with a link to your blog. However, remember not to spam forums with irrelevant posting or members will get very angry with you. Also, some forums do not encourage links. In any case, I do not know if search engines take into considerations links in forums. I still do this because I enjoy participating in forums and it also helps increase traffic to my site. Whether it helps to increase the PageRank of my blog or blogs, I do not know

Update your blog regularly

This probably will not affect your PageRank, but if you don't update your blog, you will find hits coming from search engines getting less and less.

Note: Search engine rank pages and not blog. Most of the time when people talk of the PageRank of your blog, they are referring to the main (index or home) page. Each individual post page or permalink have their own PageRank.


  1. Good post. I just started my website and these tips are very useful. I'm still at 0, but I think that's mostly due to the fact it's only been in existence for a couple of weeks.

    If you ever would like to exchange links let me know. My email is

  2. You currently have a pagerank of 6. : )

    You can check your website's google rank here:

  3. thanks for this advice - I will try to put it to good use.

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  5. Useful article, thank you. I will be back later to read your new articles

  6. very usefull tips..

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  8. Link Exchange Rocks!!! There are several websites, but I find the best.
    My Website got a page rank within days from when I started Link Exchange.

  9. Thabks For The Information!!
    Can you tell me how did you do that?
    I maen your favicon.the one which should be as a blogger icon how did you changr it to your own image!!
    please tell me i really want to know that.thanks

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  12. Anonymous12:06 AM

    very informative thx.

    im only starting with my blog but am getting very useful info here
    thx again.

  13. Great tips on yoru article here. I'm doing the best I can on my website which currently is at ranked 300,000 in Alexa, yet at only PR 1.

  14. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Its very hard to obtain a PR1. But this post really gives a lot of information if how to make a PR1. Thanks!

  15. good information, please keep up the good work
    thanks so much.

  16. Thanks for your information. Its very useful to get a good page rank to my website.

  17. Great Tips, I use in future & improve my site or blog.

  18. Hello bro, I've recently heard that google is not only giving priority to PR backlinks but also they look for high backlinks from page with high PA (Page Authority).Do you have an seomoz bar? there's an indicator which is PA.

    What do you think of that?


  19. Great information. I love blogging and usually blog weekly but my current page rank is only 5 after blogging for over a year. I gather that is not good so I am looking forward to seeing if some of your hints help. If you have any specific advice for my site,, I would be most grateful. My contact details are on my site.

    Thanks once again for your information.

  20. Perhaps one shouldn't fret too much on the pagerank as mine is not that high but yet I get many visitors from search engines.

  21. NICE info!!!....

  22. yes Thats very true about each post has itsown page rank as i am doing there

  23. Thanks for these tips.
    Also, I just started my blog on routing here.

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  25. Would you also consider on page seo as a way to increase page rank? My site has some meta keywords and description on it which I think has a little impact on page ranks but it is worth a try.

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