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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogger wants to visit United States of America

While I was still working, I visited United States of America. The flight ticket was courtesy of MAS (Malaysia Airlines), so I had only to take care of my food, lodging and internal transport. For transport, I used Greyhound buses. The ticket was to Los Angeles. I will like to visit United States again, Previously, I had to fly to Los Angeles via Tokyo Narita International Airport. Now there is direct flight to Los Angeles. I would want to visit United States again.

However, there is nothing much to attract me in Los Angeles except perhaps Disneyland Los Angeles. But if it is Disneyland, I would very much prefer Walt Disney Resort World in Orlando, Florida, for they have Epcot there. Furthermore, I was warned about violent crimes in Los Angeles downtown. However, I hear that Los Angeles Downtown has one of the lowest crime rates in the city now. Anyhow, San Diego, not far from Los Angeles, sounds like a more pleasant city to visit with its 70 miles of beaches and a gentle Mediterranean climate. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the affiliated UCSD Medical Center plus research institutes in the Torrey Pines area of La Jolla are very active in biotechnology research, a hot field of study and technology these days. Plus I can just hop over to nearby Tijuana for shopping and end up visiting 2 countries. There is San Diego vacation rentals to help me find accommodation.

Florida with its sub-tropical and tropical climate plus Walt Disney World Resort attracts me too. Epcot with its simulated space mission will be of particular interest. Hope I don't get sea sick though. However, there is more to Florida than just theme parks. There is Miami, the cruise capital of the world, plus Miami Beach City and South Beach plus something that should attract my architect brother-in-law who may accompany me - Art Deco architecture. We will need to look for accommodation at Florida vacation rentals.

From Miami Port, the largest cruise port in the world, I may take a one way cruise to Hawaii, the paradise of South Pacific. I can partake of the Hawaiian culture and perhaps see Hula (dance) performed in real life. Maybe even get a lei (Hawaiian garland) round my neck. Maybe even find out how the Hawaiian luau is like. Enjoy the beautiful beach and sparkling clear ocean, watch spouting humpback whales, see what a volcano is really like. One way cruise means I will need to get accommodation from Hawaii vacation rentals.

After experiencing paradise on earth for a brief period, I will have to fly back to my country, probably across the Atlantic Ocean this time, tour Europe before coming back to my daily routine of sitting in front of the computer practically all my waking hours.


  1. I've never been to Hawaii, I am sure it is beautiful. However, for me, paradise on earth is the Yucatan Penninsula. I hope it's still there after all the hurricane activity this year.

    I'm flying to San Diego next week and then driving into Tijuana. I like TJ a lot, but nothing is better than the Yucatan.

    I hope to go to the Phillipines next year and check out the beaches and hopefully the jungles. I collect snakes and would love to see some of my favorites in the wild.

  2. Hi Debra,

    Never been to Hawaii, but heard and seen lots of it on TV, movies and in print. Been to Tijuana too a long time ago.

    When you go to Phillipines, hope you pay us a visit too, for despite all its political, racial, religious and corruption problems, it is (to me) still a nice country. As a visitor, those problems will not affect you.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Guide to Malaysia

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