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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogger wants to take vacation

I have previous written a long post about my frustration on what is going on in my country and not being able to do much about it except blog. I have talked of my dream about retiring to paradise Hawaii and blog from there. However, that is likely to remain just a dream, for relocation is not an easy thing.

I have been sitting in front of my computer nearly all my waking hours since my retirement as associate professor 2 years ago, blogging mainly and doing other stuff. 2 years in front of a computer is a long time. Maybe rather than purchasing a retirement home in paradise Hawaii, I should try to look for suitable vacation accommodation via Hawaii vacation rentals.

However flying distance round trip to Honolulu airport is 13620 miles and getting a visa to enter United States is now a real hassle after 9/11. If I take all the trouble to go to Hawaii, I might as well visit other US states of interest. What look interesting to me is Florida, particularly Orlando, the world capital of theme parks with Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, etc., located there. There is also Miami Beach, made famous by the TV show Miami Vice, with its South Beach and its Art Deco architecture. Florida too has a sub-tropical and tropical climate, like my country. No need to bother with winter clothing either. I will book my accommodation online at Florida vacation rentals.

I have previously been to San Diego, not far from Los Angeles. It too have mild, sunny weather throughout the year. No winter clothing needed. And it is a short hop to Tijuana, the Gateway to Mexico. I can shop for cheap stuff and tequila there. I don't need to stay in Tijuana as it can be just a day trip from San Diego. I will get my accommodation in San Diego via San Diego vacation rentals.

To visit all these places will take quite a number of days. Wonder if I really can stay away from blogging and the Internet that long. Maybe there are cheap Internet cafe I can use.

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