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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blog from Hawaii

The mainstream mass media (newspaper, radio, television) is tightly controlled by my country's Government. Newspaper need to renew a license every year and the license can be revoked anytime without any reason given. My daughter recently spoke to a journalist who confessed they have to practice self-censorship to survive. Much of the negative news never make it to the press and the Government used to have the monopoly on the "truth", that is, until now. Many residents, including journalist, frustrated at their inability to expose wrongdoings and corruptions, have turned to blogs. Many of these blogs are not anonymous and many of their exposes are backed by documents. Yet bloggers are called liars by the authorities and because their monopoly on the "truth" have now being broken, they have resorted to directives to the mainstream media not to publish any materials from blogs and a Minister have threatened to use the Internal Security Act (equivalent to the US Patriot Act) which allows detention without trial) against bloggers. My country have been blessed with many things including rich natural resources, but there are many things going on that I and many others are very unhappy about, and other than blogging about it, is unable to do anything to change the situation.

Is it any wonder that I have aspiration to change my place of residence and continue to blog from another place? Of all the places in the world, Hawaii seems an attractive candidate. In the first place, it has warm, breezy weather much like my country. The breeze will probably makes the high humidity much more tolerable. It has beautiful beaches, sparkling ocean ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. More important, it has good Internet access including 24 hour broadband. Unlike my country, there is no official racial or religious discrimination. It is multi-racial and there are Chinese there which will help me feel at home. It is as close to Paradise to me as any other places on earth. I will very much like to relocate to Hawaii and continue to blog from there and escape the oppressive situation here. Obviously, if I do that, I will need a place to stay. Hawaii real estate seem like a good place to start my search.

Hawaii consists of eight main islands of which Maui is the second largest with a fast increasing population. The main reason attributed to this population increase is many who have visited the island decided to settle there. It must be an attractive place to live for them to make this important decision. Reinforcing that view, Maui, especially Wailea, is a magnet for celebrities like Paris Hilton, although celebrities watching is not what I would consider my cup of tea. I would very much prefer to sit in front of my computer and blog. If Maui is not too expensive, it will be my choice for settling in, in which case Maui real estate will come in handy.

There is another island that attracts me - Kauai, the fourth largest island of Hawaii. It is rightly referred to as Hawaii's Garden Isle with its its fabulous tropic landscape encompassing thousands of flower and bird species. The beautiful scenery have attracted film makers and famous films like South Pacific (Bali Hai), Lilo and Stich, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Six Days Seven Nights, remake of King Kong and many Elvis Presley films were filmed on location there. Slow, controlled and high-quality growth is ensured by Kauai's strict zoning laws.The crime rate is low. There are a number of hospitals on Kauai including The Mahelona Medical Center has special programs for the aged and disabled, which appeals to me who is now 58 years old. If I ever relocate to Kauai, I will probably use Kauai real estate to find a roof over my head.

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