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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How to delete a blog

New bloggers often miss this as the delete button is not displayed in a prominent place. If you want to delete a blog, sign into Blogger (Dashboard) and you should get a lists of all your blogs (obviously you will see only one blog if you have created only one). Click SETTINGS at the right of the section for the relevant blog, and by default your will be in the BASIC sub-tab. Scroll right to the bottom of that page, and you should see a "Delete This Blog" Blogger delete blog button button. Click that button and you will be asked to confirm. If you are sure you don't want the blog, go ahead and confirm and your blog will be gone from the web.

However, note that if your blog had been indexed and cached by search engines, surfers may still be able to see the cached copy of the blog until it is deleted from the cache. That may take some time.

Before you make the final decision to delete a blog, I hope you take time to read this post Why you should not delete your blog and what you should do if you change your blog URL.

Update: Because of spammers grabbing the URL of deleted blogs for spamming purposes, Blogger has changed it to reserving the URL of deleted blogs for the original blogger's account to claim back later.


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