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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Free Smiley Faces for your blog

Got an email from a blog reader:

"Great blog you have there. Really lots of helpful tips. Thanks !

There's this one thing that I've always wanted Blogger to have and that's the ability to add smileys to my blogs. I've searched your blog and wasn't able to find any tips there. Googling for this topic also didn't yield anything fruitful."

One way I can respond could be:


Thanks for the compliments.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Smiley Face

Since this blog needs updating once in a while, and it is easier to answer in a post, I will answer him here. Go to Free Smiley Face Graphics, right-click on a face that you want, select "Save image as..." (wordings may be slightly different but similar, and you being an intelligent fellow I am sure will know which one to select). Save the image into your computer in a folder where you can find it again.

Now, click on the photo upload icon Blogger photo upload icon, browse to the image you just saved, for the layout, chose "None", click "Upload image" and wait for the uploading to be completed. Confirm that the image you uploaded is the one you want, then click done. I very much prefer preparing my post in the EDIT HTML Blogger EDIT HTML/COMPOSE mode button mode because I find it much easier. If you are in the EDIT HTML mode, you will see the HTML for the image at the top of the post editor. Just highlight all the image HTML, right-click, select "Cut", scroll down to

Peter (Blog*Star)
and paste the HTML here.

To make things clearer to you, I will paste the HTML which I cut and pasted as described above in a scroll box below:

<a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""><img style="cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;" src="" border="0" alt="Smiley Face"id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5088797826767139490" /></a>

Note that there is a alt="" attribute added in the original HTML which I changed to alt="Smiley Face". This is good practice as search engine spiders cannot read image but can read what is typed between the "" in the alt="" attribute and will help the search engine figure out what the image is all about. It is good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice. Further, if for any reason the image cannot be displayed, instead of an empty box, you will see the text "Smiley Face".

If you are in the COMPOSE mode, you will see the actual image right at the top of the of the post and you will have to drag it down. If the post happened to be a long one, you will have a lot of dragging to do. This I do not like. Also, you will not be able to do the alt="Smiley Face" attribute. This is why I prefer the EDIT HTML mode, and I would encourage you to do the same.

For more information on uploading and manipulating of images, refer to Uploading and manipulating of images in Blogger.

BTW, the site where I got the free Smiley Face image said their images are free to use, but they will appreciate (voluntary) if you could link back to their site, which is what I have done above. Similarly if you have found my blogs useful and have got help from me, I would also appreciate if you could provide a link (completely on a voluntary basis, don't feel obliged) back to my site.

In fact one such person had done it and made for me a button to link back to my site without me even asking, and I will show below what he has done. The button below was done by him. Try clicking on it and see where it takes you:

I have been meaning to make a post to show people the different ways they can link to my blogs and make it easy to do it but had been too busy. I hope to do it soon and will put a link here when I am done. However, please remember, everything is voluntary and nobody should feel obliged to.

Update 31 July 2007: OK, here is the link to How you can help Blogger Tips and Tricks (on a purely voluntary basis, no one should feel obligated).


  1. Hi, i just created new smiley code for blogger comment. It do relly work!..
    it has more than 1000+ smiley to be used!..

    it simple hack.
    feel free to use this 2010 smiley hack? visit here.

  2. Smiley Central is very easy to use with blogger. You can use either the graphic or the html and both are easy.

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    seems like a lot of trouble for a smiley :-(


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