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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Testing to see if post title in blogs using classic template is clickable or not.

I am in a hurry to test. Will edit this post later.

Update: I have done the test. Link field is enabled for this blog. I was thinking that if you enable link field, the post title with New Blogger template and old classic template should be clickable. This is true for New Blogger (haven't tested whether for New Blogger the post title is clickable if you have not enabled link field). I published this post first with the link field blank. I then checked the post title. It was not clickable. I then edited the post and put a URL in the link field. The post title is now clickable. You can test it for yourself.

Note: One day in the future, I may migrate the template for this blog from a old classic template to the New Blogger template.

Friday, May 11, 2007

How to add a clock to your blog

Someone asked for it, so I might as well answer in a post. There are many sites offering such clocks. One such site is ClockLink. Just click "Get HTML" and in the pop-up, you can select the color to match your site, the time zone. Then just copy the script and paste it into HTML/Javascript of Add a Page Element in the LAYOUT.

You can see an example of the clock generated this way at the bottom of the left sidebar of this blog Furniture Center. It is blue in color.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Convert your blogs into eBooks and sell them via PayLoadz

Ever thought of earning money from your blog by participating in e-Commerce selling digital products? The product may be an e-Book (a PDF version of your blog for example) or digital versions of your songs or music, a movie (video), digital art, software, manuals or anything that you can download. If you have any intention of doing this, PayLoadz can help you. Signing up for an account to sell your digital products with PayLoadz is free and easy and I have signed up for a free account. I will only need to upgrade to a paid account if my sales exceed $100 a month which I think is reasonable.

With PayLoadz, not only can you sell a PDF book of your blog or other digital products, you can also earn affiliate fees by placing affiliate links that will enable your visitors to download digital products of other members of PayLoadz, just as you see in the sidebar and the footer of this site Peter's Home Business.

I have tested out PayLoadz and I shall describe what I have done. I used BlogCollector to backup my blog Dummies Guide to Blogger which still uses the old classic Blogger template. I think BlogCollector do not support the New Blogger templates yet. I have emailed them and will update this post with their response. However, even if BlogCollector really do not support the New Blogger template, and your blog uses the New Blogger template, you can still do it this way. First, backup your current template and save it somewhere secure. Backup more than once if you want to be doubly sure and save it it different location. Then change the template to an old classic template. This post will tell you how: Reverting from New Blogger template to the old classic template. Use BlogCollector to backup the blog. Then BlogCollector can convert it into a PDF file.

I sign into PayLoadz, uploaded my newly created PDF file there and generated the HTML script for a "Buy now" button (you can also select HTML for a text link if that is what you want).

I have a Paypal normal account which I have to upgrade to a Premier account. Upgrading to a Premier Paypal account. I connected my Paypal account to my Paypal account by entering the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Profile setting pointed to our IPN script at

I then created my e-Commerce store selling my digital PDF book. You can have a look at the store I created. It is at Dummies Guide to Blogger eBook. Try clicking on the buttons and see what happens.

I have also generated affiliate scipts to put in the HTML/Javascript of Add a Page Element to display links for visitors to download other digital products being sold through PayLoadz which you can see in the right sidebar and the footer of this site Peter's Home Business.

I have also converted my main blog Blogger Tips and Tricks into a PDF book using BlogCollector. Blogger Tips and Tricks is using the New Blogger template, so what I have done is first backup the template as described in this post Backing up and changing templates, revert to the old classic template as described in this post Reverting from New Blogger template to the old classic Blogger template. I then used BlogCollector to backup the blog, converted it to a PDF book, upload it into PayLoadz, generated the HTMLs for the BUY NOW, ADD TO CART and VIEW CART buttons, and made a new store selling my PDF book for Blogger Tips and Tricks. You can view the store here: Blogger Tips and Tricks PDF book for sale online.

Thinking back, I should have combined the 2 into a single post (store). However, the stores were made more for demonstration than to make money, so I think I will leave things as it is, or perhaps even create a new post (store) containing all the PDF books of my blogs if I feel so inclined.

I have since converted Blogger Tips and Tricks back into the New Blogger template using using the method described in this post Migrating the old classic template to the New Blogger template to an arbitrary New Blogger template, then uploading the backup template I have made earlier.

Unfortunately, links are not made active and pictures are not included in the PDF books generated by BlogCollector which makes the book much less useful. That is why I am selling the PDF books at such low prices. This would be more suitable for blogs containing literature articles which do not have much links and pictures.
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