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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Broadband Guide

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I've been playing around with my blog and I'm now trying to get things spaced evenly.

    Everything runs right down the middle of the page and it looks really crammed together.

    How can I move some things to the left, like my blog lists, keep my posts in the middle and have other items on the right? I suppose it would be set up just how you've got this blog set up.

    I'd appreciate your help!
    Thanks. My blog is

  2. Hi Maize,

    I checked your blog. The template is made for neither very small screen (screen resolution 640 x 480
    nor for small screen resolution (screen resolution).

    To see what I mean, copy-paste or type below into the address bar and press ENTER key:

    The window will be resized to 640x480. Note that part of the template will be not visible (right side) and to see it, you will have to use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll to the right.

    Neither is it optimized for small screen resolution (800 x 600). Copy-paste below into the address bar and press the ENTER key:

    The window will be resized to 800x600 screen resolution. Notice that there are empty space on both side of the screen.

    Now go to this blog:
    Blogger Tips and Tricks and do the same thing. When you put
    into the address bar and press enter key, the window resize and the whole content fits nicely into the screen without any empty space on either side. This blog uses a fixed width template and if you are viewing it with a larger screen, you will see blank space on either side. I use this template: Ramani New Blogger 3 column fixed width template. The reason why I do this is because my visitor counter tells me that 5-20% of my visitors still uses the 800x600 resolution. Also read this post: What is the template to use for your blog. It is written from my point of view. Other people may have different opinions and/or want different things.

    Now check out this blog. This blog uses a fluid width template, which means the main column width changes to fit the visitor's screen resolution. I suspect you are using the 1024x768, which is the most common screen resolution, and which is also what I am using. If so, you will see the middle column is very wide. Try typing or copy-pasting
    into the address bar. The main column will adjust and become narrower, but you can still see the whole blog and will not need to horizontal scroll to see any other part of the blog.

    This blog is still using the old classic 3 column fluid width Minima template, and if you are interested in this template, you can surf over to Thur's 3 column Minima template with the sidebar adjusted so that visitors with 800x600 screen resolution will not see an overly narrow main column. If you want to use this template, you will have to make sure your blog is using the old classic template, which means you will not have some of the new features for New Blogger.

    There are other fixed width and fluid with 3 column templates for New Blogger which you can find in this post: New Blogger 3 column templates modified by Stavanger.

    I see you have a graphic Header and have probably removed the text header. This will not be so good from the point of view of search engines, as they put great importance to the text title to determine what the blog is all about. My opinion is to use graphic as background image, and make the text header of a constrasting color like what I instructed in this post: Adding graphic background to New Blogger blog header.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
    "online book" in progress

  3. We all know that broadband
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  4. Broadband speeds are absolutely awful in this country at the moment, especially when compared to Asia! Japan run at an average of 60 mb/s!

    In terms of accesibility, mobile broadband has been a huge development but still the speeds are lacking.

    Not to worry though, NTL have just announced they are trialing 100 mb/s ultra-fast broadband in the UK!


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